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  1. jfardette

    Tarawa Question - BRT1 The Hawk

    So getting ready to play our first Tarawa scenario and not clear about the USMC. This is a seaborne assault, but the setup area for the Marines allows them to setup anywhere outside the Japanese setup area. Are these guys really allowed to setup in K25, for example, or should they be limited...
  2. jfardette

    Swedish Volunteers need help! VASL question.

    Well, they will be fine if I can just figure out what to do with the image files. I downloaded the files and dropped the unzipped "sv" folder into my images files, but I don't see Swedes (Axis or Allied) when I try to pull up troops. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but don't know what it...
  3. jfardette

    Final Fire Questions

    I’m sure this has come up before, and I’m in two games now where my opponents are on opposite sides of the argument and I’m looking for consistency. I cant find a clear answer in the rule book, although I’m sure it is there. 1. If a crew first fires a gun and breaks it, can they subsequent...
  4. jfardette

    FB and smoke OBA questions

    Throwing this out there for help... Q1- How do fire lanes work with embanked RR? My reading is that a unit actually on the EmRR could only set up an effective fire lane along such a half level obstacle, and any such fire lane would otherwise only effect half level targets like riders or...
  5. jfardette

    ASLSK Ladder

    As the ASL Starter Kit tourney comes to a close, I'm trying to capture a few lessons learned as well as continue to provide an option for newer players to get their feet wet in competitive play. I'd like to hear some thoughts on a ladder-type structure, where people could come and go on their...
  6. jfardette

    J2 Battlin' Buckeyes Huts or Not?

    Regarding Special Rule #3, are some of these building hexes actually huts, and this rule applies to the rest, or are there no huts and it applies to all building hexes?
  7. jfardette

    Crags and height advantage.

    Can a unit in 39P4 see 39H0? Do the crags come into play? Sorry for no picture, in mid game.
  8. jfardette

    Prepared Fire Zone Counters - Where are they?

    I keep looking but not finding. If anyone can point them out, I would appreciate it. Probably right under my nose but for some reason I cannot find them. Thanks!
  9. jfardette

    ASLSK VASL Friendly League - Complete!

    I've participated in a couple of VASL League tournaments and really enjoyed the chance to meet new players and play scenarios that I haven't tried before. I am looking to pay it forward now, but since the big boys have things well in hand for regular ASL, I thought I'd check here to see if...
  10. jfardette

    MG as ordnance

    Do MG firing as ordnance get target case L (point blank) ? I should know this but don't tonight.
  11. jfardette

    How to align VASL boards?

    Hello friendly types, I am trying to put together a setup for A104: In Front of the Storm. It uses half of boards 40 and 42, but in a way that they do not align. It would be OK if the shared edges were just half forest, but in this case half hexes butt up against full hexes. The roads are...
  12. jfardette

    Learning cavalry... quick question on bailing out

    OK, so you DFF at some cavalry and either the squad breaks or the horse counter is elim. Is the sequence of events that the rider then takes a subsequent morale check for bailing out, and then D6.24 applies and they are then attacked again by any residual FP? This horse riding business sounds...
  13. jfardette

    FTF at WBC 2017?

    just reserved my room for WBC and wondering if any ASLers are going to be in attendance?
  14. jfardette

    Down the rabbit hole... in a dier

    OK, I made the effort, read the rule about three times and spent half an hour with the example for F4. It all makes sense, kind of, except for squad L in the picture. The notes say that only squad J, entrenched next to a tank, can't see squads H or I. Why is Squad L different? He is also...
  15. jfardette

    Loss of vehicular concealment

    Does an AFV with no vulnerable PRC still lose concealment when the hex is fired on using the IFT?
  16. jfardette

    LLMC & LLTC Questions

    LLMC - Do units take an LLMC when a leader is eliminated for failure to rout? It seems they should, according to A10.2, even though the leader did not die from an attack. LLTC - Does a leader who voluntarily breaks (to accompany routing units when pinned, for example) cause other units in the...
  17. jfardette

    I don't get hex control...

    I've read A26.11 and A26.13 about a dozen times each, and I still don't get it. There is a Perry Sez that covers the situation with a one word answer, but I'm hoping someone here can explain it. A squad moves into a building hex when a good order unfriendly is upstairs. I get that you don't...
  18. jfardette

    Crew Survival Questions

    Is the crew survival roll considered a Task Check, and therefore can trigger a sniper? We played that it could since in real life this is just the kind of thing that might attract a sniper's attention, and the sniper pinned the escaping crew (of course) triggering further questions. Is the...
  19. jfardette

    Orchard LOS question

    How does the orchard (in season) in X4 affect fire from V4 to Y4? We played it as +1 hindrance but the rules seemed a little unclear.
  20. jfardette

    FTF ASLers in Corning/SW NY?

    starting a new job in January and wondering if there are any ASL players in this area. "Warriors, come out and play-ay"