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  1. clubby

    View Content with hover stopped working

    A few weeks ago, using Firefox, I could hover over Inbox and Alerts, for example, and a list of them would show up where I could click one specifically. Now, I have to click Alerts or Inbox to get the menu to drop down. Anybody know if this is a feature of the site that's working/not working...
  2. clubby

    Reserve Dummies

    Can you use CG purchased ? as Reserve dummies if you didn't purchase any infantry in reserve?
  3. clubby

    Dug-In Counter?

    Does it exist because I can't find it. Thanks.
  4. clubby

    D2.401 Motion Attempt

    May multiple AFVs make motion status attempts based on the movement of a single enemy ground unit?
  5. clubby

    Motion AFV in bypass of wooden building that is rubbled by DC

    What happens to the in Motion BU CT AFV? We came to three possible conclusions: 1. AFV stays in bypass in rubble. Doesn't seem likely because you can't bypass rubble. 2. AFV is moved to rubbled building location. 3. AFV is moved to rubbled building location and takes a Bog check. We...
  6. clubby

    AFV Circled R with an asterisk

    I can't find any reference to what the asterisk is for. Searching yielded no results. Thanks.
  7. clubby

    RB CG question

    The Russian can setup >=2 hexes from all allowed German entry hexes. There is some disagreement whether this means 2 from where the Germans setup or where they actually enter the board. A9 is an allowed entry hex, is B9 a legal Russian setup hex? Thanks.
  8. clubby

    OtO CG Question

    On the Fortification Purchase Table it states: I was under the impression that you could only set up HIP in Concealment Terrain and shellholes, as far as I know in OtO, are not Concealment Terrain. It just seems odd that I can pay double to set up HIP in shellholes but I cannot set up HIP in...
  9. clubby

    OtO CG Question

    Sorry for posting here, but I figured if I posted in the HOB forum it might never get any attention. My Russian Reinforcement Group Chart on page 12 has several RGs which are "shifted" to the right. The Notes, for example, appear in the CPP column, and so on. It leaves me with what I believe...
  10. clubby

    Does Winter Camouflage negate FFMO?

    I see that it allows AM/advance into Open Ground without Concealment Loss, but it doesn't mention FFMO. Thanks.
  11. clubby

    Any way to move toolbar config to a new computer?

    I have my VASL toolbar setup exactly how I want it on my old computer. Any way to move the config over to a new machine or do I have to redo the setup from scratch? Thanks.
  12. clubby

    A25.235 errata

    The MMP website lists errata for A25.235 EX. My RB no longer contains that rule. I'm assuming this is referring to what is now the A25.234 EX? Thanks.
  13. clubby

    A25.235 errata

    The MMP website lists errata for A25.235 EX. My RB no longer contains that rule. I'm assuming this is referring to what is now the A25.234 EX? Thanks.
  14. clubby

    FB CGI questions and comments

    From doing a little digging in the forum, it appears that many people think that FB CGI (at least) is broken. It doesn't appear this was ever addressed (in the threads I viewed) by Bill. Is that still the general opinion? Is there a fix out there? Were the original rules misinterpreted...
  15. clubby

    EmRR question from FB

    The FB rules mention being Entrenched/Emplaced ON an EmRR several times in the rules. I know the rules cover setting up Entrenchments on the EmRR, but can a gun be Emplaced on it somehow? I thought they were essentially treated as Paved Roads and as far as I know you can't Emplace a Gun on a...
  16. clubby

    CC vs in motion AFV

    Two Russian MMCs (4-4-7s no special SSRs for AT capabilities), one concealed and one not concealed both pass PAATCs from separate hexes and enter the hex of an in motion BU German PzIVH (3/5 MGs). Please help guide me through the proper sequence of play (i.e., Ambush, attacks by the MMCs...
  17. clubby

    Stopping in Enemy AFV's hex

    Is this based on any target facing? I know that for a shot in the same hex, target facing is determined randomly with the colored DR on the TH roll. So, you roll into the hex of an AFV with 18 and 8 armor and you have an MA with 17TK. You can satisfy the requirements with a side or rear shot...
  18. clubby

    Late CX question

    If I move three MMCs with a leader 5mf and all three MMCs have Infantry Smoke capability, can I late CX each individual unit one at a time until at least one gets Smoke in an adjacent hex for a total of 7mf? Or does the entire stack have to late CX even if, for example, the first MMC to roll...
  19. clubby

    Concealment terrain question

    For a side setting up onboard with the other side entering entirely from offboard, is Wall Advantage considered Concealment Terrain if the hex is otherwise Open Ground? And if so is it Concealment Terrain for Concealment Loss if it does not have Wall Advantage versus an enemy unit that sees it...
  20. clubby

    Does a 5/8" dummy counter automatically lose concealment when hit by WP ordnance?

    We can't figure it out. @jrv @Binchois @Eagle4ty