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  1. ehandlr

    Finally Got XBL

    I finally broke down and subscribed to XBL. I came into a little extra money and figured I'd need to get the best out of Gears of War. I've been playing coop mode through the game with a friend lately...makes it very easy to beat.
  2. ehandlr

    Nintendo Rumors

    A selection of rumours have appeared over in Japan on the 2ch forums that are just too juicy to ignore. So get ready to take them all with a hefty pinch of salt and read on below: # From Software is currently working on a first-person action RPG for Nintendo's Wii that will be in the vein of...
  3. ehandlr

    Amazon PS3 and Wii

    Amazon announced they were going to sell a crap load of PS3's and Wii's online yesterday. Well in the end...the Wii sold out in 3 minutes and the PS3 sold out in 10. Pretty amazing stuff.
  4. ehandlr

    Gears of War

    Hrmm..I dunno what to say. My wife gave it to me today as an early Xmas present cuz she knew I really wanted it. I don't know what to say....I was expecting something that blew Resistance away. I think what I did was I set my expectations too high due to the hype. I'm at a loss for...
  5. ehandlr

    Xbox 360 sales are good, but PS2 is still doing better

    The NPD Group has released its game sales data for November - PS2 still outselling Xbox 360 and DS still leading. First to the new consoles on the market. In the US the Wii sold 476,000 units, while the PS3 managed less than half that figure with only 197,000 units. The Xbox 360, now over a...
  6. ehandlr

    Very Good Unbiased Developer Xbox 360 vs PS3

    PS3 vs Xbox 360 - a developer speaks By Keith Stuart / Next Gen 08:42am The debate over which is the more powerful next-gen games console has been raging for over a year, but in the last few weeks we've finally been able to pore over some first-hand evidence. The Call of Duty 3 conversions...
  7. ehandlr

    "Wii-Elbow" Reports Popping Up

    I predicted this LONG time before the Wii was released lol. WSJ concerned about Wii owner health Posted Nov 25th 2006 8:00PM by Alexander Sliwinski Filed under: Culture, Nintendo Wii, Business The Capitalist's Bible, also known as the Wall Street Journal, gives a backhanded compliment...
  8. ehandlr

    Wii's Signal Can Upset a Pacemaker

    "The Nintendo Wii's signal can upset a pacemaker" THIS JUST IN, OLD MAN KILLED BY GRANDSONS VIDEO GAME lol this is nothing to worry about imho. Cell phones, certain batteries, microwaves, etc can interrupt pacemakers. I don't think this would be any worse..but I don't know much about it.
  9. ehandlr

    Wii Manual

    Some good and bad things found "Up to 100 Miis can stay in your Mii Plaza." (pg. 11) "The Photo Channel can display a maximum of approximately 1,000 photos. If your SD card has more than 1,000 photos, remove the card from the Wii console and remove or reorganize your photos in your camera...
  10. ehandlr

    Is Gears of War as good as it gets?

    "We pushed the 360 to the limits," Gears of War QA manager Preston Thorne told Siliconera at last night's Hollywood launch party. While obviously an inflammatory remark, there could be some truth to the statement. After all, it was Epic that allegedly convinced Microsoft to bump up Xbox 360's...
  11. ehandlr

    Gears of War Cost Microsoft $1 Billion

    What the hell! This is retarded....even if every single person in the world who owns an Xbox 360 bought this..they still would not profit...... Full Text: We'd say 512MB of RAM was probably to smart choice for the Xbox 360 During a podcast Q&A conducted by Microsoft's Major...
  12. ehandlr

    COD3 Preview 10/7/6

    IGN were lucky enough to go to Activision’s press event on Thursday and managed to play Call of Duty 3 & try out the different modes. Below is a rundown of some of the more interesting bits of info from their preview: The single player story involves you taking control of various British (in...
  13. ehandlr

    COD3 Split Screen Online Play

    So far I only know of this for PS3..not sure about other versions. Several of you know that I think multiplayer is what playing video games is all about. And I don’t mean internet play. I mean playing video games with friends, shooting the breeze, eating some snacks and complaining that...
  14. ehandlr

    COD3 Comparison Upperleft = Wii Lowerleft = PS3 Right = Xbox 360 Right now....PS3 and Xbox 360 are very similar IMO. But I think PS3 is a little crisper. Any other opinions?
  15. ehandlr

    Sony's Possible Eye Toy Upgrade

    Description A story suggesting that an Eye-Toy like innovation may be Sony's secret weapon for the PS3 has landed on our news desk and since the origin is a reliable source which we call a MegaGames friend, we have to mention it. In a time when everyone is heaping praise, and rightly so, on...
  16. ehandlr

    PS3's HDMI Port Upgraded

    HDMI 1.3 gives us several things that previous versions did not. First off, there’s advanced audio codec support for Dolby DD+, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD. These are all formats supported by BD (Blu-ray Disc) and HD DVD. As well, HDMI 1.3 also supports deeper colour depths, which the PlayStation 3...
  17. ehandlr

    Heat Pipes for Cooling the PS3 just a little info on them since its came up a few times.