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    Lizards and Big Uglies?

    Hello everybody, I am wondering if anybody has a scenario that reenacts Harry Turtledove's famous history alternate novel, "Worldwar: In Balance"? It's about an alien race, the Race, made up of lizards, invading the Earth while the major world powers are fighting each other in the second...
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    Maddog, AAR?

    Hello Maddog, I wasn't sure if you got my AAR by email. If you haven't gotten it, then let me know, I can resend it. I couldn't stand watching that lone AAR in CMBO collecting dust....and I think it does need a buddy.... :D Dan
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    Size of Units????

    Hello, I need your help badly. I am developing a small scenario as a purely test run. It's my first attempt at such thing. It contains a little bit of everything so that I could learn how to do different editors such as event engine, force editor, etc. It will probably only last ten or...