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    Thoughts on the current version

    The difference in this game is truly night and day. Out of the box, I had a terrible feeling that I had purchased a glorified lump of coal. Now, after several weeks, active interaction from the developer and constructive feedback from the user community, I believe the coal is beginning to...
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    POA2: Update: Alternate map symbol project

    Don, The latest sample looks great. Keep them coming :D I do have what is probably a silly question (but that's never stopped me before)... Once your symbol set is complete, will users be able to modify the standard scenarios to the use your new set or would that require the purchase of...
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    Another Interface Suggestion

    I emailed the suggestion below to HPS earlier this evening. Thought it would be worth posting here as well to see what others thought... Scott, Rich: Since you are beginning work on 2.02 and plan on several interface tweaks, I wanted to send you my personal "pet peeve"... One aspect of the...
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    Beta 15 and Multi-Part Units

    I just received the following response from Scott regarding my questions above. It actually makes sense now. I can't say that I particularly like it, but at least it makes sense. The changes he identifies for version 2.02 sound to be more in line with what I was looking for. Until that comes...
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    Beta 15 and Multi-Part Units

    Gary, Thanks for the quick reply. Let me know what you find with Build 15. Also take a look at the save game file attached to my original post. It should show the problem pretty clearly. Unless, of course, I am loosing my mind :confused: Thanks Mike
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    Beta 15 and Multi-Part Units

    Beta 15 still seems to have problems with compressed multi-part units. I sent the email below to Scott this morning. I would be interested in hearing if others have the same issue. Scott, I have spent most of the weekend working with the new Beta 15 build. In my experimentation, I still...
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    Beta Build 15 Available at HPS

    I just noticed that Beta Build 15 and associated data files are now available on HPS's website... Thanks, Mike
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    Latest Beta Build March 01/4

    Tiberius, What ever change you made to the briefcase worked. I am downloading the files now.:cheeky: Thanks for your efforts... Mike
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    Latest Beta Build March 01/4

    Tiberius, I tried the link above and was able to see the POA2 folder. However, when I click on the folder, I get a page that states the folder is currently empty. I even tried logging into Yahoo with my mail id first... The exact message is as follows: This folder is currently empty.
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    Operation Seahorse

    Looks like this issue has been solved in the lastest Beta build. In catching up with my personal email, I found the email below from Scott... Hi Mike, I’m not sure if I got back to you on this or not... it’s been kinda hectic lately. In any case, we’ve finally got this all nailed down, or...
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    Latest Beta Patch

    Tiberius, Is the Airbourne drop scenerio a new offering from HPS or one you built? It sounds interesting. Any chance you could post a copy here? Thanks, Mike
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    Thoughts on the appearence of POA2 graphics

    Don, I would actually prefer the symbol set you are creating over the use of topographical maps for game play purposes. While the topo maps are "pretty" to look at and make for nice screenshots, I have trouble with their functionality. After 15+ years of wargaming, most of which has been...
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    Interface Suggestion

    I was catching up with my personal email and found this response from Scott... Hi Mike, I don’t think I ever replied to this email.... but we’ve added it to the list. The reason I didn’t do this initially was I didn’t know how useful it would be with the FOW. But based on the feedback I’ve...
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    Helos & LOS what gives

    You obviously never saw my grades in geometry :rolleyes:
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    Map scaling 101 and other POA2 design issues

    Don, Thanks for the update. I look forward to seeing the results of your efforts...:D
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    Helos & LOS what gives

    Would the necessary calculations actually be all that difficult? If I remember my high school geometry correctly (and there is no guarantee that my memory is remotely correct), this should be a fairly simple Pythagorean function. The program already calculates the horizontal distance and it...
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    Early in the scenerio creation, you have the opportunity to specify both the starting weather condition and how frequently the weather may change. My guess is that the default weather conditions were used for all of the stock scenerios. Thanks, Mike
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    Operation Seahorse

    Don, I sent Scott a note describing the problem earlier this evening. Hopefully this won't be a hard problem to track down. Has anyone noticed if other scenerios exhibit the same problem? Real life keeps getting the way of my continued testing/enjoyment of this game :mad: Thanks, Mike
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    Operation Seahorse

    I experienced the same issue you described above. It appears that the single marine squad marker is breaking into it's "multi-part" components when it tries moving into the first hex. I always play with the "Compress Multi-Part units" checked so I should never have more than one unit marker...
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    Interface Suggestion

    I sent the email below to Scott earlier this evening. Thought I would post it here for others to comment or share other Interface suggestion they may have... Scott, I just wanted to send a quick interface suggestion which I think may be usefull to many gamers. Many times while playing a...