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  1. Honza

    Has anyone heard of "The Adventures Of Blake and Mortimer"?

    Written by Edgar Jacobs who knew Herge and worked with him for a while. Jacobs started his own graphic novels featuring Blake and Mortimer and set in an alternate history world of the 1950's. The adventures are based in London but travel far and wide. They are crime stories and 1950's sci-fi...
  2. Honza

    Rate the scenario or CG above you.

    A few rules: give the scenario or CG above you a rating out of 10 (i.e. 6/10 for slightly better than average). If you don't know the scenario you can check the Scenario Archive If you have not played the scenario give it a rating of how...
  3. Honza

    Interesting History Book

    I just found this book on Amazon which was released earlier this year. It is a history of the entire battle for Austria in 1945. The description says a history of the entire battle has never been published in English before. The subject has always interested me...
  4. Honza

    The Best Great War ASL Module?

    From what I gather Ray has released several GWASL modules. Is there one or two which are better than the others? I like big scenarios so a module with some of those would be cool.
  5. Honza

    ASL as a sanitizer in a mad world.

    The world is crazy. There are not many sane people who would dispute that. I find that the opportunity to play ASL is a sort of escape or retreat from the craziness. A few hours here and there really soothes and relaxes me. It restores some level of sanity. I'm not saying it is a crutch; just...
  6. Honza

    Adding RF to ROAR

    Thanks to JR for his patience. I have noticed that adding RF to ROAR is a slow and meticulous process. First we had the basic scenarios, and then later on the CGs were added. Then I noticed an error in the listings which were amended. Finally today I submitted the combined RB/RO CG and combined...
  7. Honza

    MG TK# vs AFV at close range.

    Does the MG TK# increase at close range? I know the AP TK# is increased by close range and was wondering if this applies to MGs as well. Including aircraft MGs.
  8. Honza

    Clearing The Breskens Pocket map on gif file.

    Honza submitted a new resource: Clearing The Breskins Pocket map on gif file. - The VASL map of this scenario with all the terrain modifications Read more about this resource...
  9. Honza

    Clearing The Breskens Pocket with a doubled OOB anybody?

    Just been chatting to Michael Dorosh about his gif file of The Breskens Pocket map. Why not play the scenario and double the OOB he suggested. That is not a bad idea! Anyone ever play this bad boy?
  10. Honza

    Can anyone clarify the Smokestack Sniper rules?

    Hi MMP, I just want to check that I have understood these rules correctly. If a smokestack sniper is activated on a sniper attack dr of 3 followed by a dr of 1-4 then one of the Russian controlled chimney stacks makes a random location DR. If there are no enemy units in the chosen location does...
  11. Honza

    Smokestack snipers

    In the RO CG I (X-Tag) are the smokestack snipers of the Martinofen active right from the start of the CG? It seems like a very long distance for snipers on the chimneys to be firing at units entering the map to the west. The rules say the Russians must control the chimney location - which they...
  12. Honza

    So what is the next HASL from MMP going to be?

    It is not that I am ungrateful. RF certainly fulfills my desire. However I am also a greedy guts. There are three likely candidates that I can think of - Ponyri, Manila and Normandy. Which HASL is likely to be next?
  13. Honza

    The Chemist's Shop on the new RB map.

    I'm a bit confused; I thought it was established that the Chemist's Shop was south of the Commissar's House in hexes CC22 etc. There is even an overlay for it provided in RF. Yet on the new RB map building X10 etc. is labeled the Chemist's Shop. So if you use the overlay on CC22 as well you will...
  14. Honza

    RF errata?

    I do not have my RF yet, but I have been told that in RO CG III (The Russian attack in December) the Russians only have 4 attack chits out of a 16 day CG. Is this in fact an error? Should it be the Germans who have four attack chits?
  15. Honza

    The Maxim Gorki CG

    Yesterday I received the Maxim Gorki module. Inside it there are reinforcement group charts for a CG. However I cannot find the rules for the CG. Things like CG length, VC and set up are not stated. Was this ever published? I'm wondering if it was left out of my module by accident.
  16. Honza

    RO CGIII The Russian Offensive

    In the new RO module the CGIII represents the Russian counter offensive against the Germans in December '42. The German stragglers are holed up in the factory ruins and the Russians attack to clear them out. I was wondering if this counter offensive took place in the Red Barricades district as...
  17. Honza

    Who is Lindsey M. Murillo?

    This guy is active on the ASL FB page. (Is he here too?) Been around for a long time and knows many of the older ASL/SL players. Did he used to work for AH? Did he do any designs? The reason I ask is because his name definitely rings a bell but I cannot remember how or why. My apologies to...
  18. Honza

    Does anyone have CH Maxim Gorki for sale?

    I'd like to buy CH's Maxim Gorki. It has not cropped up on eBay in ages. Does anyone have a spare copy?
  19. Honza

    Korean HASL from LFT!

    Over on FB Xavier posted some pictures of a Korean HASL map which is being developed by them. He won't tell the exact location except that it is Korea. Have a look.
  20. Honza

    Did LFT receive my order?

    I placed an order on the LFT website quite a few days ago. Has it been received? I've had no sign that it went through.