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  1. Sparafucil3

    AP140 and Fog

    AP140 Misty Morning says Fog is in effect (E3.31). According E3.311, "All Smoke rules otherwise apply." Does this mean: -- The +1 for firing out of a SMOKE location applies? -- There is an additional 1 MF/MP for each Fog hex/Location entered? -- Does the answer to either of these change if I am...
  2. Sparafucil3

    ¿Alguien aquí, vive, trabaja en, o cerca de Madrid?

    Si es así, envíame un PM pronto. Puede ser su cumpleaños, especialmente si usted está libre el sábado. -- jaime
  3. Sparafucil3

    ASL in the coming year

    I took a bit of a hiatus from ASL this year. I used to have a regular playing partner but he has moved away and drifted apart from the game too. Is anyone interested in setting up a regular ASL night via VASL? I am in US EST and would like to play in the evening, one or two nights a week. I am...
  4. Sparafucil3

    Bypass an CA

    Disregard the hex size. I am using large hexes to make things clear. It is the German player MPh. Assume the German vehicle enters the Guns hex in bypass from FF7. May the AT Gun attack the AFV without changing CA. Please cite your rules reference. -- jim
  5. Sparafucil3

    Mark all Forums read

    Is that functionality gone too? Am I missing something? -- jim
  6. Sparafucil3

    Are there any alternatate styles?

    Am I missing something? No worries if there aren't but this bright look has to go :) -- jim
  7. Sparafucil3

    J7 Errata about the use of Intensive Fire during DFPh

    Ole, After a quick perusal of the J7 errata, I do not think that the issue of Intensive Fire in the Final Fire Phase has been addressed in this issue. Would that be correct? If not, any idea on when it will be? Thanks for the sticky -- jim
  8. Sparafucil3

    DC placement on a Wire protected Pillbox

    > Can a same level unit, in an adjacent ground level hex place a DC which will > affect the occupants of a pillbox if the pillbox hex also contains a wire > fortification? Yes, essentially ignore the Wire. ....Perry MMP