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  1. Maurizizio

    Hatten: HF1 Black Day - WP10 clarification

    Hi all, I was doubtful about the correct interpretation of the SSR 3. It says: "Each American .... MTR is considered to have WP10 for its first WP To Hit attempt." Suppose during first Prep Fire I try to shot a WP with the MTR, I roll a 9, the normal Depletion number for the MTR is 7. What is...
  2. Maurizizio

    Smoke in a building hex and fire within the different floors

    Dear all, sorry to bother but there is a situation in our game I am not sure I understand. A building hex has been smoke (now is dispersed) with a sM. The unit at ground level are shooting at the unit at 1st level. Two options: a) the units are firing outside the smoke location (+3 DRM) and in a...
  3. Maurizizio

    C5.2 - Bounding fire from inside a building

    Dear all, need your support again. A tank is using bounding fire from inside a factory. Looking at the DRM - C5 - looking at C5.2 it looks like the tank is using Case B as +3 instead of +2, is this correct? Thanks
  4. Maurizizio

    DB92 The streets of Kharkov .... too narrows? (VBM)

    Dear all, I need once more your support. In the DB92 scenario (a nice one I have to say) together with my ASLmate we found a difficult question to answer. Long story short, the possibility for an AFV (in the image the counter size is reduced) to bypass two hex-spines. See here below the image...
  5. Maurizizio

    FT 172 Clearing LZ - Turn 3 reinforcement

    Hi, me and Felipe we are playing FT172. We are not sure about the OB relating to the Turn 3 reinforcement. It seems that until the building 63T6 is under control of the German player, the element of the 1st Platoon, D Company, 508th PIR will not enter. Is this correct? considering that the...