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  1. KhandidGamera

    Tourney Scenario Picks

    Can recommend Let's Dance - lots going on in a small space, ISTR playing down to last turn.
  2. KhandidGamera

    FT 273 Former Foes

    I suspect X. in his career travels might have paths to Viet Minh sources even. Be curious to know what French-Vietnamese rapport is like now. Might try to find the Osprey book on Algeria to see if it had standup ASL type battles.
  3. KhandidGamera

    FT 273 Former Foes

    I could see LFT doing a whole issue on Indo Chine'. Not familiar much with Algeria, but another candidate for treatment? Guessing LFT guys would have a leg up on others right off on research resources. Great review, makes me interested in playing this one.
  4. KhandidGamera

    Da Paul Challenge

    Finnish Patria AMV with Nemo turreted 120mm remote control mortar system. Can do direct and indirect fire, 10 rounds per min. I'm guessing jacket around the barrel is active cooling to extend life and to cut its thermal sign.
  5. KhandidGamera

    TAC7 Trap in Carpiquet

    Nice review, have to look at this one.
  6. KhandidGamera

    Assault Fire tag in VASL?

    Agree with you also Swiftsure - "past point of commission" as they say. This tool just allows for even more flexibility. A tip just figured out playing with the tool is that if one or more underlines are not used when opening the unit characteristics in the right-click menu, double spacing in...
  7. KhandidGamera

    Assault Fire tag in VASL?

    I think the ELR mechanism is a good tool, but the base units can be an important component. Right now I'm playing DB 106 - the SS are ELR 3 and drop from 658 down to 447. I'm of the school that a maybe a 547 would be more appropriate and missing unit for late way lower morale Germans with higher...
  8. KhandidGamera

    Assault Fire tag in VASL?

    Very nice, answers my question about what it does and enables an idea. Now you could do 7-4-8/3-3-8 US Airborne SQ/HS. Maybe not the whole OB of Airborne would be that, but some at least. So at least in VASL A US Airborne OB could be a mix of 667/668(with the circle'd E Rangers from FW) and...
  9. KhandidGamera

    Assault Fire tag in VASL?

    Labelling is one my favorite features with VASL - ger. tactical/us bumper #s on aq. counters, ammo status, ect.
  10. KhandidGamera

    Assault Fire tag in VASL?

    I'd sure download that.
  11. KhandidGamera

    AAR - One Step Forward - ASLUG 6

    Good luck on job hunting. Sounds like this time the French we're asking "What are you doing in France?" and getting a good taunting as well.
  12. KhandidGamera

    Da Paul Challenge

    I'd say Russian BKA 1125 Armored Boat, front end to the left, based on the pilot house/bridge to the right of the T34 early 76L turret and the cracker box turret between the T34 turret and the pilot house/bridge. Andy can appreciate and tell us I'm sure.
  13. KhandidGamera

    Da Paul Challenge

    Guessing without looking RSA Oliphant tank, with a mine flail. Looking its an Oliphant MkIA.
  14. KhandidGamera

    What boardgames have you played recently?

    Did HIS also several years ago w/ full 6 players - very fun. Found unexpected natural alliance as England with France. Paths of Glory and Wilderness War also a lot of fun.
  15. KhandidGamera

    From the Cellar # 9

    X. Like the new "Battlecruiser" mode taken with the latest FTCs: fast out, some articles, and the scenarios - with all the firepower of a full-up LFT. Ordering mine Monday from Gamer's Armory.
  16. KhandidGamera

    April 9th film

    I wondered watching if it was a real one or a very good vismod - interesting to know if there are any runners left. Can't think of another film either that has them. To add to above, found myself comparing the Danish perspective to the Norwegian one in "The Kings Choice". Without going to OT...
  17. KhandidGamera

    April 9th film

    Just watched this yesterday - its on Amazon Prime. Covers a Danish bicycle platoon working with a motorcycle unit during Denmark's short fight when it was invaded. For the early war people this is for you - Pzr I's and II's, Sdkfz 221 and 222, Bofors 37mm AT guns and 20mm anti-tank motorcycles...
  18. KhandidGamera

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    Not WW2 or ASL related, but worth mentioning and certainly to be appreciated by folks here. Went and saw this last night with my brother-in-law. Very good. Its also worth staying after the credits also to see and hear how Peter Jackson made his editorial decisions on what to put in the...
  19. KhandidGamera

    Mattis resigns: Is anyone left in the Trump administration?

    Does that make him a self-made fake pussy?
  20. KhandidGamera

    Farthest Shot Ever?

    50 hexes is 2000 meters, in WW2 that's a longish shot I think, but not extreme. Think there may be a natural tendecy in board making outside desert to end up with filled in maps, taking HASL maps to get more open boards for long shots. The player made one for Wittman's death comes to mind. Most...