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  1. KED

    Uranium One Deal

    I can't believe that no one has started a tread on this yet. The DEMS Obama, Hillary and a whole list of other traitors have been exposed with working directly with RUSSIAN agent and Putin. It was Russian agents that received Clinton and DNC money to create a totally fabricated dossier on TRUMP...
  2. KED

    Swedish Fish

    Any word on Swedish Volunteers? I know it was to come out this year but...? Just asking.
  3. KED

    Will Yellowstone blow up?

    With a series of 2,400+ tremors in the past few months it mat be on the way. The last time it happened Clovis man (originally from Southern coast of France) bit the dust as did many animal species in America. The State of Kansas was covered in 7ft or ash from this exploding caldera and the...
  4. KED

    Pacific SKASL ?

    Is this a rumor or a fact? If true, when will it be out?
  5. KED

    Korea Question

    I noticed that all four maps to be provided in this mod are not geomorphic at all. they only fit together in the one way shown in the "Sneak peek". Does that not limit players to some extent? Would it have been better to make that map feature on two double boards instead and include some...
  6. KED

    David Jones

    David Bowie passed away early this morning EST. His last album "Dark Star" was released Friday January 8th 2016, the day of his birthday. David you will be sorely missed. God Speed David!:cry: