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  1. Will Fleming

    FT269 SSR

    Says that British units cannot voluntarily move until some condition is met. Can they "advance" voluntarily?
  2. Will Fleming

    Residual FP vs partially armored vehicle

    It looks like it has to be from a specific direction to affect the vehicle (as per a firelane possibly)? 'Normal' residual FP does not affect the crew or the partially armored vehicle? Partially Armored Vehicle (This unit is treated as an armored target unless specifically attacked through a...
  3. Will Fleming

    Searching in VotG and casualties due to Booby Traps

    The wording of this SSR is strange to me and makes me think booby traps do not cause casualty rolls in VotG. Am I reading that correctly? VotG15 BOOBY TRAPS: Russians always have a Level C Booby Trap capability (B28.9) [EXC: in. the CG they may increase it to Level A or B by CPP expenditure]...
  4. Will Fleming

    Can an ATR use intensive fire if it is MA and/or SA?

    SW cannot use intensive fire and ATR's are listed as SW in chapter C, but does that apply to an ATR if: It is vehicular mounted and listed in chapter H as removable? It is listed as the vehicle's MA? It is listed as the vehicle's SA? Thanks much!
  5. Will Fleming

    LFT211: What level do the German reinforcements enter from?

    This scenario kind of chops the boards off at the level 0 to level 3 hill hexes of board BFP-I I believe and the Germans get reinforcements on Turn 4 (from the left in this image).
  6. Will Fleming

    Offmap entry hex level

    This came up in FT139 and some other places, but I cannot find the rules reference on this (or Perry Sez). What elevation are units entering at unless defined by SSR or other? Seems to come up with a...
  7. Will Fleming

    VASL/VASSAL on an ultra-wide (curved) monitor

    We all love some nice curves on the ladies, but how about our gaming surfaces? I have heard both camps on this one. One loves it and one doesn't like the curve because it messes up your LOS enough to make mistakes. Not really a curved issue: I assume the extra wide space is nice in certain...
  8. Will Fleming

    Question on CH and tied random selection

    A MTR fires on a hex containing 3 enemy units. It obtains a CH by rolling a '2' on the DR. The 3 enemy units take RS die rolls to determine which unit is affected. They all tie and all are affected. The subsequent DR on the IFT is a 1KIA. Do the units each take a 1KIA individually (and thus...
  9. Will Fleming

    SoCal Gamers: As in San Diego

    Seems the SoCal club is a good one, but located in northern LA which would be a bit of a drive (2.5-3.0 hours) from Southern San Diego. Is there a decent group of guys who play a bit closer to that? Imperial Beach/Chula Vista/Little Italy area to be a bit more specific.
  10. Will Fleming

    Vehicle actions while in a melee hex

    Can a still mobile vehicle in a hex with infantry in melee make a motion attempt during the enemy players MPh (provided otherwise able)? Can a vehicle in a similar melee fire a sD? sM?
  11. Will Fleming

    LFT214 Question(s)

    1. I can't find any counters for the M4A2's in the OB without the AAMG. I note that the web site does not list counters as being part of this, but it sure seems to make it appear so. I found my original scenario cards, but cannot find any counters like this from LFT or anyone else. Should we...
  12. Will Fleming

    Trench movement to lower level, but across a cliff hexside

    Can it be done? 27.6 LOWER-LEVEL LOCATIONS 3B: Infantry beneath a Trench or Sangar (F8) counter may move/rout/advance/Withdraw-from-CC directly to any Accessible, non-Crest-status lower-elevation Location without having to first exit to above that trench/sangar. Such...
  13. Will Fleming

    Thoughts on scenarios with units entering with reduced MP/MF

    Seems this has come up in my scenario picks more, but perhaps this is more common in design now? I think I actually like it as the 'burst' of units coming from off map and getting deep into the defenses is limited a bit. Probably speeds up play a tiny bit too, which is nice. It won't get me...
  14. Will Fleming

    Scenarios 'featuring' OVR

    I seldom overrun, but it has been key to gaining ground in a particular scenario I am playing "Smoke the Kents". Initially we did the TEM wrong (hedge/wall TEM apply in addition to OG) and my dice have been good, but it is interesting playing this type of scenario and it does seem to ratchet up...
  15. Will Fleming

    CtR Questions: CtR-12 related primarily

    Some questions came up prepping for this one. Bold by me for emphasis, the actual questions (also by me) in blue. [Question 1] In the 2.1 EX: 2.1 There are five Gun Batteries (EX: V27/W27) and two Mortar Pits (EX: EE2/FF3) depicted on the C:tR map. These two types of locations are treated...
  16. Will Fleming

    Wall on a cliff hexside LOS

    B9.61 LOS: A Hillside wall/hedge (including both its depiction and its associated hexside; 9.1) is ignored (even along a Continuous Slope) when determining whether or not a LOS exists between units whose elevations differ by ≥ one full level [EXC: a unit entrenched behind a Hillside wall/hedge...
  17. Will Fleming

    SAN alternative target

    14.21 ALTERNATE TARGET: If the present target hex contains neither an eligible target (14.22) nor the enemy Sniper counter, the attacking Sniper counter is moved to, and will attack, the hex closest (in hexes) to that target hex which does contain one/both of them. Should ≥ two such hexes be...
  18. Will Fleming

    Zerker charge vs concealed guys

    Zerker charges a British squad and an 8-0 leader that is concealed. Zerker makes it in in the movement phase, 8-0 keeps his concealment. No one else 'advances' in in the Advance Phase. Is there an ambush roll? 11.4 AMBUSH: Whenever Infantry advance into CC (unless reinforcing a Melee) in a...
  19. Will Fleming

    Any way to clear HIP from an old VASL file?

    Basically an opponent sent me a setup that included some HIP stuff to him. I would like to re-use that file for a different game against a different opponent. Any way I can delete the HIP stuff that I cannot see? Probably not a big deal as neither of us will ever see the HIP stuff, but in...
  20. Will Fleming

    How to change a vasl map name/id?

    Basically, I would like to rename the DBPh maps from CH to something different so their names do not conflict with other maps. (D1, D2, D3, ....) Easily doable so the maps can co-exist with their brothers?