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  1. von Garvin

    CASLO XXIV - Fredericton NB 15 - 17 May

    Registration for CASLO XXIV is live!
  2. von Garvin

    Human Wave 2020 in Tysons Corner, VA

    It's happening! Human Wave 2020 site is updated!
  3. von Garvin

    ASL on No Dice, No Glory

    The Latest Blog:
  4. von Garvin

    Initial Call for Human Wave 2020

    Striking while the iron is hot, I'm pleased to announce that Human Wave 2020 will take place once again in the greater DC area next June, from the 5th to the 7th. The schedule will simplify: 2 rounds Friday, 2 rounds Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Single elimination. Those knocked out on Friday...
  5. von Garvin

    Why go to an ASL tournament?

    Why go to an ASL tournament, you may ask? This article may help convince you to register for one of the many tournaments listed in this thread.
  6. von Garvin

    Good Infantry Scenario for a new player?

    Hi all I have a new ASL player and we are meeting on Saturday for his second game. He's a gamer, but new to ASL. Our first match was ASL A, The Guards Counterattack. Other than Gavin Take, which I don't really like for teaching due to SAN of 0, what would you recommend for an infantry-only...
  7. von Garvin

    Human Wave 2019: June 2019 Tysons Corner

    Human Wave 2019 is still 10 months away, but we already have four registered. Beat the rush! Sign up now!
  8. von Garvin

    Human Wave 2019: YANKS!

    Human Wave 2019 planning is well underway! 7 - 9 June 2019! This year will feature the US Army vs the Germans. Look forward to seeing you in the DC Area next year!
  9. von Garvin

    Human Wave 2018: DC Conscripts' Tournament June 2018

    It's official! There will be a tournament in the DC area next June! 8th to the 10th in Tysons. Check it out at: In short: 1 main tournament, 1 mini and 1 marathon match. Hope to see you there!
  10. von Garvin

    ASL public calendar of upcoming tournaments

    Hi All. After scouring the interwebs, I have completed a public calendar on google that has upcoming ASL tournaments. This is a living document. Please have a look and send me a note if you have or know of a tourney upcoming that isn't listed...