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  1. Chas Argent

    Action Pack 14: OKTOBERFEST XXXIV is Now For Sale!!

    Action Pack 14: Oktoberfest XXXIV is now available from MMP. The retail price is $32, but you can buy AP14 for $24 until November 9, 2019. Action Pack 14
  2. Chas Argent

    One Ping Only, Vasily

    Looking for live VASL game. Something new-ish. Ping me, Vasily.
  3. Chas Argent

    Looking For A Live VASL Game...

    ...a few days/nights/whatever a week. Will play just about anything rules-wise. Drop me a PM if'n yer interested.
  4. Chas Argent

    Winter Offensive 2017

    Winter Offensive 2017 will be held on Thursday evening, January 12th through Sunday January 15th in Bowie, MD. We will have limited space (two sections) on Thursday evening, expanding to three (the usual amount) for the remainder of the weekend. More details to follow, but the dates were...
  5. Chas Argent

    Red Factories/Red October Up For Preorder!

    Hi folks- Here are two new ASL preorders. 1. RED FACTORIES RED FACTORIES is a Historical ASL module that combines the original RED BARRICADES with RED OCTOBER. If the preorder succeeds, Charlie Kibler will paint all four...
  6. Chas Argent

    Ian Daglish

    Folks, It is with a great sadness that I report the death of Ian Daglish, who was killed when the small plane he was piloting crashed near Salford on Friday. He was 59. I received an email from Shaun Carter earlier today relaying the news. Ian is responsible for many scenarios, and I had...
  7. Chas Argent

    Singling HASL Preview

    The Singling "mini-HASL" from Operations Special Edition #1 comes with the following: * One 22" x 25" map (of which ~17" x 23" is playable). The map is done by Niko Eskubi, and is a big departure from "standard" ASL map artwork. There is a terrain key included on the map to remove any confusion...
  8. Chas Argent

    Operations Special Edition #1 Info

    from Brian: Operations Special Issue #1 Folks, We have figured out the retail price for this magazine will be $40. They will be on sale starting Friday morning (8/8/8) when the WBC vendor area opens (I believe its 9am but check your schedules!). It will not be available at our office or...
  9. Chas Argent

    Operations Special Edition Mini-HASL

    The subject of the Operations Special Edition #1 mini-HASL is a one-day Campaign Game (with only 3 CG "dates") covering the battle at Singling, France, on December 6, 1944 between the US 4th Armored Division and the German 11.Panzer-Division. The Americans have a very potent armor force and an...
  10. Chas Argent

    "In Print" Reality

    I thought the following post from Brian offered a good insight into the reality of keeping games - especially the ASL core modules - in print all the time. Many people who post here seem outraged that it's not a snap-your-fingers-and-it's-done sort of deal, but the reality of the money is that...
  11. Chas Argent

    Action Pack 4 Is In Da House!

    Well, my house, anyway...the rest of you will have to wait a few more weeks. All the parts are now in hand, and look great!
  12. Chas Argent

    New Star Trek Movie!

    Let's hope this is the art work they choose for the Enterprise...release date is Christmas 2008.
  13. Chas Argent

    Portal's New Avatar Contest

    It occurs to me that part (admittedly only part) of the problem with the impression Portal makes on the universe is that he's chosen an arrogant smoking SS murderer as his avatar. I don't know about you but every time I see that picture I just scroll on by...but what would people think of him if...
  14. Chas Argent

    Would You Buy New Deluxe Boards?

    f MMP put them up on pre-order, how many people would be interested in purchasing a whole new set of, say, 4 to 8 Deluxe boards? "Hell Yes" would be my answer...
  15. Chas Argent

    Japanese on Defense?

    OK, I'm lost. I'm finally starting to get a feel for how to play the Japanese on the attack...but a recent playing of Wetlet made me wonder: how do you take advantages of their strengths on defense?
  16. Chas Argent

    A18 Sbeitla Probe Freedom Of Movement Q

    I sent this question to Perry a few weeks ago regarding A18 "Sbeitla Probe": The Americans are the Scenario Defender in this night scenario; however, part of their initial OoB is required to set up In Motion. May these units be considered to already have Freedom Of Movement at scenario start...