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    Up the Bloody Boot PLAYTEST Discussion Thread

    Ver 4 Changelist: Changed VPs to reflect a German Overwhelming Victory being keeping the Allies below the Gustav Line, a German Significant Victory keeping the Allies out of Rome, a German marginal Victory keeping the Allies south of the Gothic Line, a draw being the Allies get to or just...
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    Up the Bloody Boot PLAYTEST Axis DAR

    A mirror AAR to Veer's own one. Ill be giving the story from the Axis side and ill also post another thread for both of us to comment on scenario issues. Landings reported in the South of the country and in Salerno. Para drops in Bari and in the mountains of Central Southern Italy. Traitorous...
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    The Great War 1914-1918 vs Veers

    A brief write up from the CP side so far August 1914 - Quick advance in Belgium quickly taking Liege and Brussels, making the channel coast by the end of the month in several places. Massive Russian offensive begins into Eastern Prussia with breakthroughs at Tilist and Gumbinenn, though the...
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    FitE vs Wussie

    FitE vs loveman1 Game is already in turn 19 but i will start the AAR now as its getting interesting. the first few posts will take the form of diary excerpts to bring you guys up to scratch on game events Fire in the East Excerpts from a Diary Two full months into Operation...
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    TOAWIII version

    in my game with veers he has conquered warsaw but the polish army is still around. is this a TOAWIII bug or is it s new feature?
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    Great War vs Piero

    BERLINER ZEITZUNG 1-8-1914 The Kaiser has been generous enough but his patience has been exhausted. Bolstered by the support of the Tsar, Serbian rebels have assassinated the Archduke Ferdinand. Acting as, “guardian of all Slavsâ€, Russia has declared her support for the Serbian uprising...
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    Anyone like a game?

    would anyone like a game of some empty slots awaiting turn returns so i'm up for a game? anyone?
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    EA - Eastern Crusade

    the game is now into turn 85, im allies awaiting axis turn 86. i have decided to start the AAR from this point as the game is reaching a very interesting point. like my other aar's ill be writing from a personal point of view supplemented by screenshots and some tactical and strategic...
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    question about an EC game

    when do the allies get to DOW on germany in an EC game?..need a second front to take some heat off
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    How to defend vs EC?

    For the first time ever im defending vs an Eastern Crusade...any advice on how to best defend vs the Axis. The central sector is mostly quiet and Leningrad has fallen..would the best option be to stall them until the sitz and then build up defence lines and reserves during the winter? Are there...
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    Polynike vs Rasmus

    gone for a historical game and in this eventual! first turn i dug in ignored lossess and put all local and tactical reserve units on mobile status
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    Polynike vs Becker

    Going for a historical game and with little saturn on turn 3 or 4. wil hold back guards tank army as long as possible and then bust through the italian lines. one question though(may have been answered but due to work pressures i havent had much time to browse the forums) how much value...
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    When do we start?

    When do we start kicking the facsist beast out of the rodina and do we play agaisnt the guy woh is beside us in the tourney page?
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    Italian Campaign v3.0 vs Dickie Bertha

    9th September 1943 After the successful campaign in North Africa the Allied joint command debated where to strike next. Winston Churchill argued very strongly for a push into Germany via Italy, the "soft underbelly of Europe". Indeed it made perfect sense as the invading allied armies were...
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    Fall and recapture of Paris

    if the allies caputure pairs on a counterattck the turn after it falls, will the Vichy units return to the game if and when the axis retake paris? thanks for your time polynike
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    Barbarossa Tactical Polynike vs Vidrimaros

    Barbarossa Tactical Polynike vs Vidrimaros (a work in progress) A slow summer breeze drfited down the Unter der Linden in Berlin. The war was won, or so the German public thought. The Fuherer had promised and he had delivered. Only Britain and her far flung empire resisted the New World Order...
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    Problem with Decision in the North

    Playing a PBEM with LaPlaice we have encountered this prob at turn44. He now has an OV but if you look at the attached image look at the scores!!!! can anyone shed any light on this or has anyone ever had something similar happen before thanks in advance polynike
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    Decision in the North Polynike vs Triaxe

    On 22nd June 1941 Adolf Hitler ordered his army to attack the Soviet Union in an action that he said would make the world hold its breath. From a front running from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea 3 million axis soldiers embarked on Operation Barbarossa. Three Army Groups struck eastwards. Army...
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    Supply Units?

    What role or use do these units have? i have a couple as the axis and i dont know whjat to do with them.
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    US Involvement

    im in turn 62 of a solo game, want to familiarize self before indulging inPBEM, and US has declared war on Axis. how soon will US troops begin to have a direct effect on the game. i must say that thsi is a totally engrossing scenario...great wrok u guys!!!1:cool: