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    Order of Battle (OOB)

    Hey guys, this may not be in the right thread, but how do you get a copy of the OOB from the scenario "Two Weeks in Normandy"? If I'm going to be on the German side of this workshop, I would like to have a hard copy of the forces. Thanks, John
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    Weather Visibility Setting

    I’m working on my MBX rules and below you will see Section 1.4 Weather and would like some feedback from the members on this forum. As you can see I selected 4000 meters for clear visibility and was wondering what the other settings should be for, Fog, Rain, and Snow. I.4 WEATHER...
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    Discussion on Size Force, 2BCT Faced During Thunder Run, 7 April

    Discussion on what size force did the 2BCT, 3ID face when they did their Thunder Run on 7 April into Baghdad? I’ve finished making the OOB for all three TFs from 2BCT, 3ID along with their support units. I’ve finished making the overlay for 2BCTs Thunder Run. I’ve finished the OPORD...
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    JohnO vs Full Monty, Cintheaux, August 8th, 1944

    I'm going to attempt on doing a running AAR. Any thing that I post will have happen so Fully Monty wont be getting much intel from this :laugh: The Battle at Cintheaux has begun, Turn 1 has been sent to Full Monty and wishing him Good Luck, because I'm going to need it also! I will keep...
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    Red Forces - Tourny RD 2 JohnO vs Gary

    Turn 0, Well the battle has began, The Iraqs can not move from my inital locations until after the first turn. The Iraqs are on full alert for possably attack across the border. Have to keep an eye on the coast for US Marines. My plan is to see where the inital attack will occur across the...
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    Looking for an Opponent, CMAK

    I'm looking for an opponent.The scenario is "Cintheaux" its base off of "Operation Totalize". It is a 60+ turn which I can send to you and I have made the map that you can print out to plan your attack and defend. I have not looked at the opposition force. I will be on the German side and my...
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    Tikrit Map

    Here is a map that was found and was resized for TacOps use. It is 8km x 10km in size. Is there any interest in using this map for a TacOps scenario? If yes, I will finish the data file for the terrian? John
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    ATF Power Tool Kit Questions

    First question on my attempts to make a Stryker unit database. When I open up the ATF Power Toolkit program and open the Database. I see three data files. First one is Database1, which is the main data for ATF. The second one is labeled Infatry_Database which is from the scenario Basra...
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    Well after farther review. I stink when it comes to making a new vehicle. I just can't get the knack if using the Paint program to make new tanks :nuts: So instead I'm going to put my effort into making a Stryker Brigade Combat Team, (SBCT) OOB. Is there a need to make one for ATF?
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    Questions on Making ATF Vehicles

    I would like to use this thread for asking questions and posting examples. I have just used the Tile Piece Utility using the lav-25 chassis and turret. And it worked great :D Deltapooh do you have a save palette colors for the vehicles? Also instead of inventing the wheel again :D...
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    ATF Building Scenarios PDF

    Guys would it be ok if I make a pdf file on ATF Building Scenarios and ATF PowerTool Kit. Capt Proctor would it be allright. Or is there a copyright issue in doing that.
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    What Makes a Scenario.

    What makes a good scenario? And what is needed first to make a scenario? Is it the map, the OOB, or an idea first. What is the best type of scenarios. A "What If" types or "History" types of scenarios. And which type of scenarios are better or more fun to play? Just some ideas to get a...