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  1. macrobo

    Sry to Ask - but can a Vehicle setup at game start in a Stone Building?

    Hi All We are playing DftB117 and my esteemed opponent has setup both T34s in the stone buildings - Making TH an extra +3 and occupation help VCs :) Never see the tactic before so.. The rule 23.423 GUNS: No weapon depicted on a ⅝” counter may occupy an upper level of a building [EXC: Mortars...
  2. macrobo

    New CH Product RV = RV of Battle of Kursk – Thunder at Melikhovo

    RV of Battle of Kursk – Thunder at Melikhovo Battle for the Second Defensive Belt by the 4th and 12th Panzer Divisions For hose who Love Kursk – Here is a devoted module at a particular part of this larger battle Again I tried I phone pic but the would not load as too big as IMGs so I will try...
  3. macrobo

    CC a Vehicle that is adjacent to a bunker hex

    Hi All I cant see the rule that stop this so after some advice but maybe its legal I have a Mk4 adjacent to a Bunker - in the rear so not exposed to fire In CC He advanced out of bunker to adjacent hex and the CCd me - I thought if I was in the hex I would be vulnerable but adjacent is that...
  4. macrobo

    A RV of March Madness Pack - Close Combat

    RV of March Madness Pack Close Combat – a series of very short games where your encouraged (by giving you HtH rules) to get in close and take the VCs by guts alone! MM52 – a small Stalingrad game in Nov 42 using Bd 22 (light city) and 40 (River) over 4.5 turns with ground snow – 12 German...
  5. macrobo

    BLOODY BUNA - Latest CH Pack - Nice to have this

    Hi All As usual, may I ask those with CH issues to leave without a message of negativity I have a particular interest in Buna - This is an early part (after the Milne Bay success) of the one half of operation Cartwheel - what happened in the pacific when Stalingrad was ablaze!! - The One arm...
  6. macrobo

    Help With Finding Old Articles on Red Barricades playing and Tactics - Please list

    Hi All Head into playing all of Red Factories - will decide CGs after scenarios - I was after a list of all the Red Barricades tactics articles from the different journals, articles and TPP mags etc if you remember any Thanks in advance Cheers Rob :)
  7. macrobo

    Link to a Good Rv on Corregidor by Ian Willey

    Dear All Ian does a good job on his Blog and his recent "out of the box" Rv is a good read if you want the "low down" on this new BFP product Thanks for this Ian Rob :)
  8. macrobo

    DftB 111 - Flanking Hatten – A really quick and Dirty Combined Arms Game – Great for Tourneys

    Sometimes I get very surprised by games like this not being more popular in tourneys and for teaching It a real cool game for both learning rules and tactics I could only see 10 playing on ROAR – two of which are mine It’s a simple scenario – USA vs German at the Hatten outskirts – though...
  9. macrobo

    How You DO it In Aussie - Another Prime Minster - Are You Jealous in The USA? of our system

    Hi All I could not help myself with this post - I just think Aussie Politics is a Bit Silly Five Prime Minsters in 10 Years is Crazy - Yes "What a System" :rolleyes: but then I thought - Maybe some in the good Old USA would be jealous!! SO first - How does it happen! and it infers why? We...
  10. macrobo

    Flame Throwers on Vehicles = Firing in advanced fire - It this right?

    HI All I always thought that the infantry flamethrower and vehicle were the same - so drive up to the enemy - blaze away with limited modifiers and drive off (people with wasps have done this too me so many times!) but My esteemed opponent Duncan quoted a +4 for such an attack by ASLRB section...
  11. macrobo

    Israel Goes to War - A RV of the CH Products covering this topic

    ISRAEL GOES TO WAR PRODUCT RV Up front I would like to declare that though I do buy CH, I am not trying to do more than describe my purchases for others and anything akin to valued judgements that enable the CH bashers to “lock and load” – I would ask them not to visit the CH website here in...
  12. macrobo

    CH Annual No 4 - A Overview Analysis

    Well Here Goes – placed in the CH forum to reduce critic So The Annual is two parts – a Mag with articles and a Game (which I think is just a re-design with new boards of old CH material but I would have to dig up previous Korea games) The Game:: So MMP released Forgotten War! So that usually...
  13. macrobo

    My 1000th Post - Losing My ASL Mind – Please don’t read if you’re a Newbie it will discourage you!

    Well I have to call a spade a spade – I keep forgetting rules and tactics (that I probably had poor tactics to begin with as well) but it makes no sense I might add I have played “The Game” since 1983 – I don’t want a break – it is my only outlet in life! (No other hobbies that I can do with a...
  14. macrobo

    Desperation Morale Update - Where oh Where are You!

    Hi All Its now turning March! - we do miss it and I am surprised that I am the first to ask - we all don't agree with it but I am hanging out for this valuable input! - Gee Korea, WO in deluxe, Schmit just to name a few Obviously I apologize sincerely if Mark is sick and I have just made him...
  15. macrobo

    Question on ASL165 Nothing But Courage from Hakkaa Paalle

    Dear All (in particular designer Tuomo, Klas, Lars or a play tester of this) I have searched the debrief's of J11 and J12 and the Forumn and Klas's Perry page and to no avail Its states in SSR 2 that Russian AFV are abandoned - does that mean the crews are outside in same hex (as they are...
  16. macrobo

    A Very Good Product and Nice New Trend - FTC8

    Hi All I Think this needs a second thread personally - I just got My FTC 8 and did not realize what great little Gem for Christmas I got! :happy: I had read the other thread and realized there were some nice positive comments but I thought for those wanting to spend the Cash and not miss a...
  17. macrobo

    Why Buy Special OPS #7 from a small time ASL Player

    Hi All I did put in an order and did get this so I thought I would let people know before Mark P's big review (which will come I am sure) They took 2 years for this one to be ready and its got great stuff in it but as usual only 20% ASL/SK What you Get for ASL The best part is an article of...
  18. macrobo

    AAR "ASL for Fun #4 - The Road to Odessa" by Lone Canuck

    Hi All Rod and I had a crack via PBEM this big slug-fest and I thought it would be useful to add it to the AAR's We did not do any pictures but I thought a little description would help show that this was a very enjoyable game - played over a long time being a monster (even for Rod and I who...
  19. macrobo

    Nice Learning Site for ASL in Youtube - DO you have a site you use?

    Dear All I have learnt over my 35 years in ASL that you need to keep re-doing rules (reading them and revising them) or you forget. I am not a fabulous player but I feel the need to be as good as I can for my opponents and rules is very annoying if your hopeless to an opponent (Here I make an...
  20. macrobo

    Question on Crest in a Creek

    Hi All Having a mental moment Playing through Blood and Jungle one at a time with the legend "Ian" We all know you can crest in a gully but can you crest in a stream to improve LOS and MF next turn? Cheers and thanks for your help Rob :D