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  1. Paul_RS

    BtB 1: Taking Tailleville AAR

    Just finished a cracking game with my long term VASSAL opponent Ian. We try to get together once a week for a couple of hours or so using VASL and Skype. This was the situation on the final Canadian turn. I was the Canadian player and had to ensure that there were no good order German MMC on or...
  2. Paul_RS

    Can't argue with the balance :-)

    Played 4 LC scenarios at the recent Heroes tourney in Blackpool. I had limited space in the car so opted to take a few historical packs with me rather than all the geo boards. All went down to the last turn, 2 down to the last CC. BB4 Zoot Suit Boys HH5 Needed Elsewhere Q1 Simple Mission...
  3. Paul_RS

    Raaco- what system storage do you use?

    Just bought a couple of Raaco boxes, standard set up from Tradesystems UK. What system do you guys use for storing counters in the Raaco trays? Cheers Paul
  4. Paul_RS

    RO at WO?

    Is the this correct? RO will ne released at WO? Cheers Paul
  5. Paul_RS

    Close combat CC/HtH

    Gents, Have I been playing this wrong forever? If an infantry unit enters into CC and then remains in Melee can either unit in a subsequent round of CC declare HtH if allowed? PTO is different, I know. I had always played that if non-HtH was declared in an ETO desert scenario then the melee...
  6. Paul_RS

    CH Berlin Module: Raise the Red Banner

    Guys, Played this scenario yesterday, version 2.0. Can anyone, who has played the scenario, explain what purpose the 203mm artillery counters serve? Due to the NVR they can’t see the Reichstag at set up and the NVR decreases by one hex per turn for the first 5 turns. With a manhandling value of...
  7. Paul_RS

    Looking for a PBEM opponent

    Guys, I'm an experienced but out of practice player. 200+ scenarios under my belt but haven't played for a couple of years, looking to get back to regular play. Prefer Eastern or Western front to start with nothing too big. Mailing frequency around but no less than twice a week. I have all the...
  8. Paul_RS

    AFV Rate of Fire

    Bit of a reality argument here. Turns in ASL are approximately 2 minutes. There you are with your Tiger 2, sitting in Potsdamer Platz in May 1945 watching as a swarm of SU 76's trundle towards your position. Buttoned up you hold your fire, boom... miss due to BU mod, motion and target size...
  9. Paul_RS

    Island of Fire: Leaping Horseman books

    Anybody checked out the price that this is currently going for on Amazon? £934.00........ Of course you need to find somebody willing to pay that price first. I shall now handle my copy (Signed, No.4) with due reverence.... :-)
  10. Paul_RS

    A Bridge Too Far HASL

    Gents, I've been completing some long overdue ASL Admin and was browsing the scenarios for ABTF. IIRC the scenarios were based upon the scenarios from the GSTK module from HoB. I was asking myself why I hadn't really played this module as much as I perhaps should have done. Then I spotted the...