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  1. bendizoid

    Keep concealment ?

    A concealed stack of Americans assault moves and armored assaults with a halftrack into a open ground hex. Do they keep concealment ?
  2. bendizoid

    AAR St Louis 2019

    First round opponent: John Schneider Scenario: Death at Carintan +US bal. We had a late start so we played a ‘off round’ option scenario, John has the US paratroopers and me the Germans. The US attack never got into the P4 building due to this nasty MG fire lane crossfire, a couple...
  3. bendizoid

    What is the TK number of a American ‘50 bazooka?

    I can’t find the chart and there are commy tanks attacking. What is that TK number for a US ‘50 baz?
  4. bendizoid

    Interesting lecture on gambling

    Some of this could apply to ASL, particularly the 25% rule.
  5. bendizoid

    ASL can be a battle

    I was thinking about the games played where emotions ran high and the game became a battle in themselves. I'm very chill now but things used to get 'sparky' occasionally and you'd turn on your game face. No more take backs, in your face die rolls, trash talk, ect... Let's face it, ASL can be a...
  6. bendizoid

    Poll for FCC repeal of the neutrality thing

    I really don't know what's best here but I'm in the mood to repeal things so I vote yes.
  7. bendizoid

    Rooftop LOS question

    Me and Paul are playing Hueishan Docks and Rooftops are in play. Can a unit on a rooftop in a building with ground and first level see over single story houses or woods and shoot units on ground level?
  8. bendizoid

    Mass shooting in Las Vegas may be deadliest in US history I'm too freaked out to talk about Vegas. It looks like everybody else is to.
  9. bendizoid

    How about a clear acquisition counter?

    Maybe a cut piece of thin plexiglass with a colored letter on it? It could be a lightly shaded 'smokey' color on the plexiglass or a colored letter with a thin colored border. Somehow the -1/-2 should be blotted out so it doesn't show through the opposite side.
  10. bendizoid

    ASL 3D ?

    I suppose eventually somebody will make a 3D model for viewing the ASL battle field. As a matter of fact I bet somebody already has. It might be fun use it for LOS checks and such. You could cruise around the virtual 3D boards and check out different peculiarities.
  11. bendizoid

    The Great War a great lecture.

    This guy is fun and he has a whole series on the Great War. Here's a great episode:
  12. bendizoid

    Adam West rest in peace

    I don't know how he delivered these lines with a straight face. Good bye Adam and thanks for the best Batman. Funny scene
  13. bendizoid

    Why the trouble in Venezuela ?

    Golly gee, they have the most oil reserves in the world but they can't feed their people. Could it be that socialism sucks? Maybe Bernie Sanders should go down there and show them how it's done. They should be the richest nation in South America but instead they live in squalor. It must be...
  14. bendizoid

    How do a view private conversations ?

    I've spent awhile trying to find the right button but I cant find it. How can someone view their private conversations?
  15. bendizoid

    Trump gives Taliban a MOAB

    In a trillion pieces of course. I wonder what one of those things cost? Mother of all Bombs. I guess it has a mile blast radius, golly gee. Talk about blowed up reeeeaaaaaaaaal good. Poor bastards. Hey that's hykoo Mother of all bombs Talk about blowed up real good Poor bastards...
  16. bendizoid

    Doctor throws hissy fit when kicked off plane

    What a total pussy. The last time I heard screaming like that a baby needed a new diaper. LOL, my friend said "He must be a liberal" that's kinda what I was thinking LOL.
  17. bendizoid

    Argument against Sanctuary cities.

  18. bendizoid

    Lee or Longstreet?

    I just read a little about the battle of Chickamaoga and read how Longstreet turned the battle around with concentrated firepower (a little timing luck) and a deep column attack. Apparently, Longstreet considered himself the best Southern General. What say you?
  19. bendizoid

    How do I turn it off ?????

    I have thousands of game squad notifications in my email. I don't want them. How do I make it stop? How do I make it so I never get another one?
  20. bendizoid

    FBI raids CDC

    It looks like Trump ordered the FBI to raid the CDC !! I believe this is unprecedented for the FBI to raid another three lettered Government agency. I guess they're looking for the truth about autism and inoculations.