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  1. Chas Argent

    Croix de Guerre Reprint Contents?

    Sorta close 😇
  2. Chas Argent

    Action Pack 14: OKTOBERFEST XXXIV is Now For Sale!!

    Action Pack 14: Oktoberfest XXXIV is now available from MMP. The retail price is $32, but you can buy AP14 for $24 until November 9, 2019. Action Pack 14
  3. Chas Argent

    Red Factories countersheet errata?

    Dave, first we've heard of this so hopefully, you got a lone wolf. Contact the office at for a replacement.
  4. Chas Argent

    WO Brief AAR

    Andy, thanks for all the help.
  5. Chas Argent

    New WO Pack

    Here they are side by side.
  6. Chas Argent

    UN Forces Ordnance note 16 : OML 3-in Mortar

    Sure, agreeing would be sensible.
  7. Chas Argent

    One Ping Only, Vasily

    Looking for live VASL game. Something new-ish. Ping me, Vasily.
  8. Chas Argent

    Japanese Scenario Recommendation

    Bill, along with the aforementioned Buckley’s Block, Wildcat Strike (WO16) is really fun.
  9. Chas Argent

    AP 131 Crickets of Spring Playing Time?

    Figure ~5 hours. Lots of moving parts. Fun scenario.
  10. Chas Argent

    2018 Winter Offensive, Round 4: Forest Brothers

    Steve, it will be in Journal 13 later this year.
  11. Chas Argent

    Height Advantage v Placed DC

    A fine point.
  12. Chas Argent

    Height Advantage v Placed DC

    Is a DC attack a form of "direct fire"? I doubt it.
  13. Chas Argent

    Stupid Night question

    One more reason to keep your Cloaking counters as far away from the enemy as necessary to prevent their loss.
  14. Chas Argent

    Winter Offensive Pack available on MMP website

    That was indeed its playtest code name.
  15. Chas Argent

    Winter Offensive Pack available on MMP website

    Yes. One of the scenarios (Dew of Death) has an SSR that represents a Japanese gas attack.
  16. Chas Argent

    Winter Offensive Pack available on MMP website

    Note, also, that these maps fold in thirds, not halves, so the storage and shipping footprint is more reasonable than the originals.
  17. Chas Argent

    Hungry for more

    AoO reprint and RED FACTORIES should be the next big items, with maybe a thing or two sprinkled in thither and yon.
  18. Chas Argent

    Armies of Oblivion preorder?

    Yes, and also in the next ASL JOURNAL.