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  1. Joe Moro

    Sudan Defence Force Motor Machine Gun Companies

    In the process of doing a scenario set in the early days of the East African Campaign. Does anyone one know what armoured cars the SDF Motor Machine Gun Companies used in early 1940? This is what i have: Each company was comprised of up to 7 Armoured Cars, 6 unarmoured vans carrying a bren...
  2. Joe Moro

    ANZACon April 27th-28th April 2019

    ANZACon IS BACK!! The premier ASL competition held in Melbourne (Australia) has returned When: 27th and 28th of April 2019 Where: Campbell Turnbull Library Meeting Room - 220 Melville Road, Brunswick West. Victoria (on a tram line and less than 3 minutes from the Moreland Rd Freeway Exit...
  3. Joe Moro

    Vehicular smoke and SAN

    Attempting to put down that a SAN activation possibility?.could not find it in RB Cheers
  4. Joe Moro

    VASL game tonight -

    Anyone available tonight Sat 10/03 @ 7.30pm Eastern Australian Standard Time Wife going out to fashion show...thus home alone Anyone for a game? If interested drop me a line at Cheers
  5. Joe Moro

    VP and Guns

    Playing J189 Buckley's Block. If the Japanese capture and subsequently disable the AT gun, do they get 2 or 4 VP? Cheers Joe
  6. Joe Moro

    Human Wave in J11

    Hi all bit rusty on the old HW rules. playing as the Brits in J11 "In The Old Tradition" On turn 1 they enter on board using HW. Of course they are unable to reach the Japanese target hex in the first turn When does the HW end? I am correct to think that it ends immediately after the...
  7. Joe Moro

    Unable to Open VASL

    Last night I was able to do a prob This morning all hell broke loose...I am not able to open VASL. deleted and uploaded all files, updated JAVA and all that..but still no good I am getting the following message error: 2017-06-12 11:52:11,512 [0-main] INFO VASSAL.launch.StartUp -...
  8. Joe Moro

    Cancon 2017

    Anyone going? Joe