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  1. rasmus

    Making the end game exciting.

    After two games of allied victories I feel a bit disappointed about the endgame. After the axis looses their shot at total victory, it seems to me that there is precious little to fight for. The axis will crumble (and faster than historical) and there is nothing much to be done about it. The...
  2. rasmus

    AAR Braunschweig 7.1 played under TOAW3.

    This scenario was played to test whether or not the germans has become superstrong in the shift from COW to TOAW3. It was agreed that the germans would not activate the 11th army, and that no attacks were allowed with units below BTN size. Basic battle plan. The germans have the intitiative...
  3. rasmus

    Russians attack

    In my game against Bdr.Malette he is currently invading Britain. I have now received the option to declare war on germany with the russians. My question is will a russian attack remove the Barbarossa offensive option from the germans?
  4. rasmus

    Restrictions on Soviet rump state.

    In my Eastern Crusade game against KoK he has knocked out russia and is four hexes from Paris in May 42. The White russians and recostituted reds are currently on the march and will probably reach Moscow in two or three turns. The questions is: What, if any, are the geographical restrictions...
  5. rasmus

    AAR OPLM 2004 Rasmus vs Schmindrick

    AAR OPLM 2004 v. 1.5 Euro Rasmus Coalition Schmindrick. General strategy. The Euro assets are great strength on the ground and the ability to dictate the early moves of the campaign. They can rely on air superiority at least in the beginning and may receive some air reinforcements down...
  6. rasmus

    Eastern crusade

    As the soon to be recipient of a very early barbarossa,possibly even an eastern crusade, I have a few questions. If the Soviets leave finland alone, and Finland enters as a result of a german attack, will the soviets get their three armoured corps(es)? From the briefing. Should...
  7. rasmus

    Advanced options for the force editor?

    How do I get from the force editor to the advanced options. I am a real dummy so a graphic representation would be appreciated. I can this far.
  8. rasmus

    Silly question on control of sea lanes.

    From the briefing: Winter effects Cease-Fire Event stops all combat in the winter of 1939-40 (the 'Sitzkrieg') and restricts sea and air movement: this is a psychological as well as a weather dictated pause. Begins between turns 24-26 Ends between turns 35-37 There are similar, shorter...
  9. rasmus

    Tannenberg 14 Rasmus versus Skyvon

    TBERG 14 These notes where made for my second tournament game. This time I will upload all the the text first and then simply add the pictures as time permits. Feel free to comment at the end. Russian Skyvon German Rasmus General Strategy. I intend to use my two advantages...
  10. rasmus

    axis sea transport reductions.

    In my first game of EA a huge unfairness has cropped up. :) I have taken all of Britain, Spain, Gibraltar and North Africa W of El Alamein as well as Palestine lebanon and Syria: I am currently trying for the rest of Egypt as well as moving E in Russia. The date is middle of october 1940 and...
  11. rasmus

    Use of airlanded headquarters

    Hi. I am currently trying to bring off a succesfull conquest of Britain. I have two bridgeheads, and captured a few airfields. What is the current thinking on airlifting headquarters into the airfields in order to expand my bridgeheads into his rear? Is it: a) Very good play. :) b) Gamey...
  12. rasmus

    Tannenberg 14 Rasmus versus Furocity

    During the tournament I took notes for an AAR. Russians Rasmus Germans Furocity. Overall Strategy. This game has the russians at serious supply disadvantage. My aim is therefore to entice the germans to fight in places where their supply is lower, and where my numerical advantage will...
  13. rasmus


    I have a question regarding the invasion of Norway and Denmark. I DOWed them in september 39. On the first turn I took Copenhagen with a MOTINFDIV and tried to sink the the Norwegian navy infront of Oslo, with airstrikes. I also moved air and airbournes into the airfield in Northern Jutland...
  14. rasmus


    Planning for Nordic Light 1.1 versus Foggy. This was my second game as the russians against Foggy. The first ended in a slim draw due to a sneaky move of mine in the last turn. Lessons learned from our previous game. Protect my supply lines in force. Never let my units get Blitzfever and...