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  1. Blackcloud6

    Making the road that goes off the map.

    In using the draggable overlays, how does one make the road that goes off the map along a hex side? When I try to have a curved road in the hex prior to the last exit hexes you can't align the small straight portion from hex center to the exiting hex side. It keeps snapping either above or...
  2. Blackcloud6

    ASL 159 White Tigers overlay issue

    Trying to set up ASL 159 White Tigers. The scenario card says the road from 22A5-I2-P2-Q2-R1-T2-Y2-37X5-GG5 exists. Now overlay 3 with rice paddies is placed over the 37X5-GG5 of this road and the overlay has its own road from Y10-AA9-BB10-DD8DD5-EE5-GG5/6. If you use the road from the...
  3. Blackcloud6

    Forgotten War Korea Plano Template

    Is there a Plano 3701 template for Forgotten War Korea available anywhere?
  4. Blackcloud6

    Corregidor ROAR?

    Has anyone submitted the scenarios for Corregidor: the Rock to ROAR?
  5. Blackcloud6

    Can't Post in AAR Forum

    my Situation 18 AAR was moved to the AAR forum but I cannot reply to it to continue nor can I even start another thread in the forum. I get "you do not have sufficient privileges to reply" or " in this forum."
  6. Blackcloud6

    PanzerBlitz Situation 18 AAR ongoing

    PanzerBlitz Situation 18, Combined Russian offensive. Somewhere in Russia, 1944: The Russian have to attack in three sectors from east to west and get units off the west edge of the map. They set up with two reinforced infantry regiments on board and have a tank brigade coming in from the...
  7. Blackcloud6

    Problem with Soviet GAZ-4M-AA truck counter

    The GAZ-4M-AA counter has no ability to change covered arc, HIP, conceal or any other functions.
  8. Blackcloud6

    E3.75 Drifts and the ASOP

    Sent this to Perry: "E3.75 says: "A Drift is also created in one hex of each mapboard at the start of any RPh in which, prior to the Wind Change DR, Heavy Winds/Gusts were in force in combination with ground or Deep Snow." "My opponent pointed out there is no entry on the ASOP to do this...
  9. Blackcloud6

    Drifts and the ASOP

    Just finished a playing of G17 Hakkaa Paalle. We got gusts a few times which required the placement of more drifts. E3.75 says: "A Drift is also created in one hex of each mapboard at the start of any RPh in which, prior to the Wind Change DR, Heavy Winds/Gusts were in force in combination...
  10. Blackcloud6

    The Post-War Order Is Over

    I'll roll this grenade into the room:
  11. Blackcloud6

    How to handle "rowhouse black bars do not exist?"

    WO16 SSR 1 says "Rowhouse black bars do not exist." When the SSR says that rowhouse bars do not exist do they become open grown, thus splitting up the building into separate buildings or do the bars simply become part of the building?
  12. Blackcloud6

    Maps 10Z & 17Z

    Are the WO 2015 bonus pack maps 10Z & 17Z available for VASL?
  13. Blackcloud6

    J38 Bitter Defense at Otta set up question

    This scenario has Board 7 in the west, 2 in the middle and 5 in the east. 7 and 5 are oriented the same way and Board 2 the opposite way. The defenders set up: "...east of the river on/north of hexrows 7I-5I." There is no mention of board 2; its row in line with Row I on Boards 5 and 7 is...
  14. Blackcloud6

    Any GWASLers out there? GWASL advances?

    How are you handling advances for units that are not in PFN and have to pass a PTC to move in the MPh? I decided they would have to pass a PTC to advance because A4.7 says "...may use the APh to move one hex..." Thus to me, an advance is a "move."
  15. Blackcloud6

    ROAR Account Suspended

    I was on ROAR a few hours ago and all was well. I went back just a few minutes ago and got this error: Account suspended Account for domain has been suspended Oh noes!
  16. Blackcloud6

    Decision at Elst CG full with ASL rules.

    I'm thinking of playing the Decision at Elst CG with full ASL rules. Looks to me just need to add snipers. Say 2 for Brits when they are attacking, 4 for the Germans when defending and maybe 3 for the Brits when defending and 3 for the Germans when attacking. What do you think, one or two...
  17. Blackcloud6

    Solitaire Campaign Games

    Who plays the campaign games solitaire and how do you play them? Do you do anything different than when playing FtF or just go about playing as in a normal FtF game? I played the one on the Arracourt battle solo and I enjoyed it. But i wonder if a full up campaign is doable solo. I have...
  18. Blackcloud6

    ASL 191 Buchholz Station VCs

    The VCs read: So let's say during Turn 5, the Germans have amassed 9 VP and the Americans 9. The Germans capture a squad and decide to retreat and hold out until the end of the game because when the game ends that POW Squad becomes 4 VP and the Germans will have 13. So if no other...
  19. Blackcloud6

    10.532 INTERDICTOR

    Can a HMG/MMG that moved in the MPh cause interdiction in the following RtPh?
  20. Blackcloud6

    Getting a MG from a Jeep

    So how do you get a dm HMG out of a Jeep that has no Passengers? Do you send up a MMC and it has to load to become a passenger, then recover the HMG and then unload again? If so, the ASL designers had never seen a Jeep before. :D