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  1. volgaG68

    Failed VCA Change-'?' Loss

    The Russians have moved and it is now the SS DFPh. An SS Concealed NT (JgPz) AFV sits in a woods hex. He declares himself to fire at a Russian AFV outside of his VCA, necessitating a Bog-risking VCA check to do so. He fails the Bog Check with a 5,6 DR. Does he lose Concealment? He never fired...
  2. volgaG68

    FT204 "Fear Naught"

    In the listed scenario, are the German truck reinforcements that may enter on/before Turn 3 required to all enter on the same Turn? Or are they allowed to come in one at a time, one on each of the first three Turns for example? Thanks!
  3. volgaG68

    Crossing The Moro TM

    I recently completed a playing of this TM and it was quite rewarding. 4 Dates with very manageable force sizes. Each Date usually consisted of what I consider to be a Medium-size scenario (perhaps a smidge larger), and thus played fairly quickly.....although each Date went the entire 8 Turns! A...
  4. volgaG68

    Climbing, Olive Groves, Rubble, and FB

    From LCP's CM map: The '?' Canadian unit in the N14 rubble hex wishes to Climb down the cliff hexside into the O13 Olive Grove, using the N13-N14-O13 vertex. B11.42 A Climbing unit is using Hazardous Movement, but a LOS may not be drawn to a Climbing unit unless the firer is occupying a hex...
  5. volgaG68

    Questions From Last Week's Game

    A couple of rules issues arose and I meant to re-check with the hive as to whether or not we got them right. 1) A building hex is mined with A-P mines (6). The Attacker successfully clears a single TB through them. How much does it now cost to traverse the building hex via the TB? My vote was...
  6. volgaG68

    MOL TK/IFT Effects DR

    A MOL is successfully found and used against an infantry MMC Armored Assaulting with an AFV. Seeing as the effects DR is both a TK and IFT result, can this DR result in sniper activation? If yes, would it matter if there had been no MMC underneath the tank to begin with; i.e. it is still having...
  7. volgaG68

    Aircraft Attacks vs. Concealed Units

    I dug up a few old threads on this subject and the answers varied to questions similar to those that I will pose. Let's see if I understand this... A) An aircraft wants to attack an infantry unit moving (AM or not) through an Open Ground hex. The unit is '?' and out of all on-ground enemy LOS...
  8. volgaG68

    Most Improbable Game Ending

    I was solo-playing O:S 11 "Kickoff In Hurtgen" as a prelude to an opponent-ized match I have forthcoming of another O:S scenario. As he did a little PTing on O:S, and it was all new to me, I wanted to get a feel for the 'play of the map', the slopes, multi-level changes, barbed wire fences, etc...
  9. volgaG68

    "South" Of The Board 7 River

    Assume the hex coordinates indicate the north side of each hex. Scenario setup instructions say, "set up south of the river". Must any units on this end of Board 7 set up 'back behind the peninsula', or may they set up on it? [I ask because I recall playing some scenario in the last couple of...
  10. volgaG68

    AFV HIP Loss?

    A number of Russian AFV are allowed to set up HIP, all of them radioless. For a possible tactical opening shot, one chooses to set up with no others ADJ to him. Q: In LOS of the enemy, is a non-platoon movement TC enough to cause loss of HIP if failed? Obviously, if it passes, a Start MP (HIP...
  11. volgaG68

    AFV Platoon Motion Attempt?

    A 2-AFV platoon exists. At the start of the enemy MPh, an enemy squad is only initially in the LOS of one of them. The enemy squad moves next to the one that did not have LOS. A. Can this move trigger a Motion Attempt dr by the AFV who had no initial LOS, hence possibly granting Motion to the...
  12. volgaG68

    AFV Platoon Motion Attempt?

    I could not discover the answer to this in the rules, but that is not to say it isn't in there! A 2-AFV platoon exists. At the start of the enemy MPh an enemy squad is only initially in the LOS of one of them. The enemy squad moves next to the one that did not have LOS. Can this move trigger a...
  13. volgaG68

    French Vehicle Note 1

    In French Vehicle Note 1 are the various versions of the FT-17. On the counters, what is the appendage in the rear of the AFV? I always want to think they are similar to Trailers, but the notes say nothing about such a thing, just that they had a rear engine placement. Is that the engine...
  14. volgaG68

    Woods-road Concealment

    After reading the pertinent rules, I am still unsure about this. An AFV ends its turn in a woods-road hex, on the road, out of all enemy LOS. Does it automatically gain concealment, or does it simply get to subtract 1 (+1 woods TEM) from its Concealment dr? Thanks!
  15. volgaG68

    A20.551 Rearming

    A20.551 states, "One attacking Unarmed friendly unit of equal or smaller size is rearmed immediately for each armed enemy unit it eliminated/captured in CC (or by any other means if no other enemy unit is currently in the same Location), but the unarmed unit is replaced with a Green or Conscript...
  16. volgaG68

    Rubbled Cellar Or Not?

    I don't have the card handy, but it is a pretty standard kind of SSR these days. 'Place three shellhole counters in X5 and roll a Random Direction DR for each. Any hex but a building becomes a shellhole hex. If a building hex is rolled, place rubble in the hex.' Paraphrased, of course. If one...
  17. volgaG68

    Rubble Clearance And Concealment

    Nothing to see here, problem solved with a more thorough reading!
  18. volgaG68

    Rowhouse Vertex Bypass

    In the following pic: The '?' unit wants to Assault Move from U4 to V4 via the U5 shared vertex. Any fire from the north directed at it on that vertex will be affected by the non-open ground nature of the orchard if it passes through the orchard-road hex or is fired directly along the U5-V4...
  19. volgaG68

    My First ASLOK

    Game 1: AP 131 "Crickets In Spring" vs Derek Ritter. My Germans lost. Unloaded the halftracks way too early and reloaded them way too late. Failure to grok the necessary German timing on this one. ASLOK Lesson #1, never play the only full-ASL vendor yet to arrive. With a mountain of cool s**t...
  20. volgaG68

    Smoke Hindrance(?)/TEM(?)

    This is about the only time that I have trouble with the variance of Smoke between being a Hindrance or a TEM. In the picture, it is time for Concealment Gain at the end of the Russian Turn. Can the 6-2-8 gain '?' in the woods or can the German infantry see him? [It all depends on whether or not...