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  1. synicbast

    Snaky Pete's CanCon 2017 experience

    Prologue: I wasn't planning to attend CanCon this year, as I had planned to attend Chicago, Raleigh and Siemreap prior to the semi-regular ASLOk trip. But circumstances changed and the Cleavinator inveigled me into taking part, snaffling up the last place of 24. Funny how in this technological...
  2. synicbast

    VASL + Skype Themed Scenario Series with a difference

    Pretty much open to all time zones as I have the luxury of only working Monday to Thursday. Hi all, I'm looking for an opponent to partake in a themed series of scenarios set in the Eastern Front. The theme is not so much Eastern Front, or indeed by publisher but is based on playing through...
  3. synicbast

    Snakey Pete's ASLOK AAR Part 5

    Saturday 9th October Where the hell have the last 7 days gone? It's a Saturday morning I'm up ready to go straightaway and i get paired against Kevin Meyer again in the last PTO Mini - well at least i know this game is going to be fast and furious ... 2.5 hours later and I'm out of another...
  4. synicbast

    Snakey Pete's ASLOK AAR Part 3 Tuesday and Wednesday

    Clarification: Previous instalments were a day out for when I met people, due to the issue of jet lag and the days all merging into one. Tuesday 5th October I'd finally managed to get some sleep and gawd was it needed. I had breakfast with some of the ANZAC crew and the Euros. Feeling more...
  5. synicbast

    Snakey Pete's ASLOK AAR Part 1

    Friday October 1 Up at 6am to catch the 9am train to Sydney for the 2:35 pm flight to San Francisco. I was bringing my PTO boards, a folder of Action Pack scenarios and the AP6 boards, the rulebook, some dice, system counters and the Japanese, Chinese and Soviets along with some Red Barricades...
  6. synicbast

    VOTG Scenario Suggestions

    Okay so I'm preparing to get back into some major ASL shortly both FtF and via VASL. VOTG is due to arrive anyday (it got shipped to my old address in NZ first) and I'm thinking that I may as well play the scenarios and maybe a CG at some point. Now from what I understand from reading around...