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  1. Koestler

    AFV and Mandatory FG

    I have an AFV with and AAMG and a CMG. An enemy sq is outside the TCA. Can I first fire the AAMG (with +0) and then turn the TCA to fire the CMG (with +1), or does Mandatory FG (A7.55; D3.5) prevent doing so?
  2. Koestler

    HiF Perimeter

    Playing HiF CG I. I have an AFV in a Strategic Location, which is a type C Isolated Area. The AFV successfully escapes. According to 3.6064 I have to determine the type of lsolated Area again after the escape, so it becomes a type A (empty). The location is adjacent to a location which is part...
  3. Koestler

    Hatten CG restoration of special ammo

    According to HF 3.6137, depleted ammo of 'Guns' is restored during the refit phase. Is it correct that depleted WP of U.S. bazookas and 60mm MTRs is not restored (because these are not 'Guns')? As written, the rule is clear, but it seems somewhat counter intuitive that depleted special ammo of...
  4. Koestler

    HT CGI

    According to I2, the 20 GCPP initially available to the US player on January 9 must enter as reinforcements. Is the US player allowed to purchase Fortifications/OBA? I doubt the answer because at the one hand, such assets do not enter as reinforcements, implying no. At the other hand, the...
  5. Koestler

    HF CGI

    I am looking for a PBeM game of HF CGI. I can do about 3-4 logs a week and am a reasonably experienced player. If interested, please drop me a line at Best, AK
  6. Koestler

    Grenadier 2017

    I made it to Grenadier this year, after two years of work induced absence. First game is Tod's last stand, SP22. As published, it is pro-German and I made a cautious G1 bid, to be trumped by my compatriot's Andries' German 2 bid. Undeterred, my plan was to use the carrier to sweep the south...
  7. Koestler

    Rout and smoke

    Hello, Please see the attached situation. There is a SMOKE FFE centered on H37 and broken units in I37. What is their fate? The broken units are ADJACENT to the Vannay 447 in I38, but since there is +7 hindrance between them, the 447 is not a Known unit. Under A10.51, they could thus rout to...
  8. Koestler

    Festung Budapest IG4 in reserve

    I seem to recall this has been discussed before, but cannot find the thread. In Festung Budapest, IG4 (Panzergrenadier Coy & SPW Sect) includes halftracks. It seems this RG is eligible to set up in reserve. However, the rules only contemplate Infantry units in reserve. In particular, cloaking...
  9. Koestler

    FB CGI or III

    Hello, I am looking for a PBeM game of either CGI of CGIII of FB. I can manage about one logfile a day. If interested, drop me a mail at Best, Alex