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  1. Philippe R

    Attacking From Smoked Hex to Smoked Hex

    Maybe.. I reckon there is some confusion between the main body of A23.3 (which refers to ADJACENT hexes) and the last sentence which refers to adjacent hexes without LOS (such as RowHouses Hexes).
  2. Philippe R

    Attacking From Smoked Hex to Smoked Hex

    Classic use of Smoke : to deny Visibility between adjacentes hexes (+ 3 Hindrance in each hexes = total 6: no LOS as per B.10) Nevertheless, these hexes are ADJACENT (see Index) even wihout LOS due (solely) to Smoke. ADJACENT-related activities (such as Searching, Placing a DC) are therefore...
  3. Philippe R

    OtO Air Rocket Attack

    Just recovered this game from the Attic.. A few question about Rocket Attacks: 1°/ Does a Rocket VTT hit every possible target in an hex, just like a Bomb, or is the VTT Attack limited to Vehicles as per normal Gun Rules ? EX : an hex contains a Cuppola (HD, +1 target Size, AF5) and a squad in...
  4. Philippe R

    A dozing Dozer

    Is a Tank Dozer TI for the remainder of the turn when declaring a Dozing ? Even if the result is known during MPh ? (ex : for a Wire Removal) Or is it free to doze multiple Wire hex in one MPh ?
  5. Philippe R

    Peleliu Rules Questions.

    Found it. The CH button on the middle-left.. not the CH icon on the top-left !
  6. Philippe R

    Peleliu Rules Questions.

    Any link for that ? I don't find any CH Forum anywhere on the web neither on the CH webpage.. Is that a private one ?
  7. Philippe R

    First Wave at Omaha

    Hello Another team of 4 players played this scenario from 1st to 4th of November, 2018. The US made it to the 6th level Hinterland on turn 18. More AAR later. Here is a picture of Company A, 116th RCT, 29th Inf Div, a turn before it meet its fate.
  8. Philippe R

    First Wave at Omaha

    Hello. Im preparing Omaha West for a 3 days event in Normandy in November. Currently, I try to decipher the above rules concerning Tobruk : - They are Pillbox, so their own hex is not in their CA [B30.1]: right ? - They have a 360° field of Fire, so the NCA TEM is just for OBA/Indirect and...
  9. Philippe R

    Shooting at a bypassing AFV with an AT Gun

    The Panther is in BB6-AA7-AA6, clearly 180° from the actual Gun Muzzle... but that Location is in the Gun CA by definition. By the way, why the Crew should take a PAATC ? it's a crew, not afraid by AFV...
  10. Philippe R

    Primosole River COT

    Currently defending the Bridge with some tough Red Devil guys. Not ready to cross the river, but just in case it might happen, how do you read PBr Rules 14.1 and 17.1 ? What is the COT to enter Q22 from Q23 for instance: - 5 MF (Quoting PBr17.1 "Normal River", ie as per Pbr14.1) ? - 7 MF...
  11. Philippe R

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Hello. Trying to build the map for HoB BtB1 Taking Tailleveille, I cannot place X14 ON overlay BFP V-1 : every time, it disappears below, stuck on board BFP-C. How can I do that ? (Alt+Left Click moves the overlay sideway, not up/down the pile... Regards
  12. Philippe R

    Philippe Briaux is still hospitalized in Cleveland

    Can someone from the ASLOK community let us (Frenchies at home) know if Philippe has checked out and was heading to the airport when it's happened, or if he has still some gear at the hotel ? His mobile phone is dead for the moment. I understand he went to the hospital fairly quickly... (GMT +2...
  13. Philippe R

    sM firing and TCA DRM

    Absolutely true... My reference to C5.13 is therefore out of scope for the sM attempt.
  14. Philippe R

    sM firing and TCA DRM

    Thanks for the advice. I have read again D13.32, and Truth (as per Lord MMP) is : "During the AFV's MPh, that CA DRM would NOT ALSO apply to subsequent Bounding First Fire.." So I'm guessing that the additional Side-VCA Case A DRM is not valid for a Turret MG/CMG fire on VBM, as you say; but...
  15. Philippe R

    sM firing and TCA DRM

    C5.13 states that cas A DRM are never applicable to Bounding Fire. (Never is forever, no?) But D2.231 states that a VBM AVF firing on a new target in a Side VCA gets an additional TCA DRM... So: - is it applicable to a Bounding Fire vehicle? - is this additional DRM applicable to a sM firing...
  16. Philippe R

    Armored Assault : How far away from Infantry

    Basically, I would play it that way: "the AFV cannot go farther than the latest Infantry Unit he moved with.." That would be consist with the exemple D9.31 which states that the AFV gets one additional MF when the Infantry claims a late CX to enter the building. I understand that if the Infantry...
  17. Philippe R

    Armored Assault : How far away from Infantry

    Thanks Klas Will read it that way now. Regards
  18. Philippe R

    Armored Assault : How far away from Infantry

    D9.31 states that "that AFV cannot move farther than if it were accompanied by that same Infantry throughout the move...". How does one compute that ? After splitting from a non-CX Infantry, shall the AFV assume that the unit will not go CX? Shall the Infantry move first and declare late CX to...
  19. Philippe R

    Question on Crest in a Creek

    I'm wondering what would happen with Fire Lane, RFP, and LOS if the Location IN and On Crest would be the same ??
  20. Philippe R

    Various Rules Questions

    First Fire are resolved following MF/MP expenditure. Here, 1 MF is spent in L6, not in L7. Therefore target is in L6... Only few cases ( Bog related mainly, Rowhouse bypass) implie MF/MP spent in the departure hex...