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    A14.2 [EXC] and A14.31

    Thanks again Ole, Don Hancock
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    Long Range Restrictions Quiz

    How many restrictions to long range fire can you find in the rule book? Don Hancock
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    Best J5 scenario?

    I don't think 12 to 8 is a good indication of balance. In my game of J83, the Russians were winning until a last turn charge amazingly captured two more buildings. In J84, the US won rather easily due to I believe some poor setup choices and some lucky dice that discovered the HIP gun with...
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    A14.2 [EXC] and A14.31

    Hi All, A14.2 [EXC: prior to Random Selection, the Sniper may choose one of the following as its target: the enemy Sniper counter;... A14.31 vs SNIPER: An enemy Sniper can be attacked ... or if its Sniper counter is selected as the target of an enemy Sniper attack. Here's the situation...
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    Best J5 scenario?

    I played this and though the Germans won, it was more to overly aggressive Russian play with the vehicles. They got too close and got toasted with the PSKs or PFs. If the FT tanks had held back until the Germans were beaten up a little, I think with their help, the Russians could have kicked...
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    A18.12 "but I'm not dead yet" (think Monty Python)

    Does A18.12 say BOTH attacks have to be redone, or just the attack that resulted in the leader creation. So no rules problems with the DEAD US HS creating a leader. I LOVE ASL. Don
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    A18.12 "but I'm not dead yet" (think Monty Python)

    Japanese 247 HS banzais into a hex with US 347 HS. Advancing fire results in HOB for the US HS. He get's a Hero and is now Fanatic. CC, Japanese attacks HTH at 1:2. Result is a CR, random selection eliminates the HS. US attacks back at 2:1. Rolls 1,1, eliminates the Japanese HS...
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    Your First ASL Experience

    Wow, I'm old, but I do remember. It was with Cloyd Angel (or something like that, a great guy). We played 3 player A3 Decent Into Hell out of the then new ASL Annual 89. It was in Los Angeles at TRW, where gamers used to get together once a month. That was the first FTF I can remember. I...
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    How often do you visit the ASL HQ page?

    Too often. I have to admit, I've recently decided I get more bandwidth on this list than on the ASLML. It took a month of reading both before I decided to switch the ASLML to digest mode. Now I hardly read the ASLML any more. Don Hancock
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    LOS question into jungle

    Can an artillery observer on a level two hill see a spotting round that lands in a jungle hex with intervening jungle hexes. Jungle is a level 2 obstacle (G2.1). Spotting rounds extend 2 levels above the base level (C1.32). An obstacle does not block los into itself (duh, A6.2). I would say...
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    A4.12 Leader Bonus

    Hi Ole, Thanks for your prompt reply. I appreciate it. Don Hancock
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    A4.12 Leader Bonus

    A4.12 Leader Bonus: Any Good Order MMC which begins and ends its MPh stacked with a leader of the same nationality in the same Location is eligible for a two MF bonus during that MPh, provided it moves with that leader in a combined stack and does not expend any of its MF to mount, ride, or...
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    Night question: IR

    Thumps self in forehead. I forgot to check the ASOP. That's definitive. Thanks for your help. Don Hancock
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    Night question: IR

    Hey all, I've been reading JR's Bring On The Night article again. I think I've read it 10 times or so. It's great. Unfortunately, I think I've found something that conflicts with the rulebook. The article says IR has to be fired before other fire in the appropriate phase. (Prep for...
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    Looking to add to my playlist

    Thanks all. You guys are great! I'm up to 7, count'em games. Thanks. I could probably do one more :-) current list, if anybody is interested: RBIII - Will Roberts A19 Cat & Mouse - Karl Branagan J48 Blood Enemies - Ron Mosher J43 3rd RTR - Jeff Leslie J55 Matsumoto's Charge -...
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    Looking to add to my playlist

    Hey all, I'm down to two very slow VASL PBEM games right now (RBIII & J88). I'd like to add a few more. I'm an experienced ASL player. I've completed hundreds of pbem games and a couple dozen or so live VASL games (as well as a few hundred FTF games). I've been away from ASL for awhile, but...
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    BRT questions

    I'm embarking on my first BRT fun. I've got many questions. Thanks for your help in advance. 1. LVT and LC and submerged reefs. Here's how I see it. a) LVTs are not really LCs for the purposes of G13.431 because they are amphibians. That is, they can use their normal 12 MP to move...
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    Battlefield Integrity

    BI not so bad. I've tried it a few times. It's not that much work and it's kind of cool when your opponents ELR drops because he got so many guys killed. :-) However, I'd only learn it if you'd already figured out most of the other rules in the Tomb. Don
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    Experienced ASLer looking for a game.

    I've been out of it for several years and want to get back at it. I've played alot of VASL in the past (40+ email games completed). I've also completed 15 or so VASL live games. I don't do much FTF, except the occasional WCM or WO I've attended. I'd really like to do a RBIII or one of the...
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    Any ASL'ers in the Phoenix metro area? (NT)

    Hi Gary, I'm here. You looking for FTF, VASL, PBEM. Let me know. I'm not sure about FTF, but the others should work. Don Hancock