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  1. Leftie

    My Halo 3 mini review

    Since it's release, it seems like first person shooters have been the genre of choice for the Xbox 360. Everywhere you turn, there are announcements for new shooters coming out on the console. With games like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Rainbow Six Vegas, and Bioshock already on the...
  2. Leftie

    Looking for Burning Blue Opponent (VASSAL)

    Gentlemen, I have GMT's The Burning Blue sitting on my shelf unplayed. I am looking for someone who has some free time this weekend that might want to try to learn this game with me. There is a good VASSAL module for it and the rules are freely downloadable. Please bear in mind the time...
  3. Leftie

    The Beginners Guide to Campaign 1776

    Introduction So you’ve got the game, played a few battles against the AI – joined the CCC, and now you’re off to offer battle to the first passing enemy officer in the tavern. Well wait a moment! Before you embark on your campaign to write your glorious deeds in the annuals of...
  4. Leftie

    French Army Command & Structure for Beginners

    These are a series of articles from Rich Hamilton's website that I am assisting him with by moving them over here. I take no credit for their creation, I am merely assisting him. There is a lot of good information in these, so take what you can from them and keep an eye out for some new...