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    ASL Scenario E - Hill 621

    I am revisiting my very early days of Squad Leader (no Advanced then) from when I was still in primary school (1979?). A replay of the first scenario I ever played against my first opponent. This time I am playing the Russians. For those who have not played it, it involves an initial group of...
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    Dummy stacks and minefields

    Was reading 12.11 and came across something I don't understand. It says: Before announcing any mine attacks exposed by the movement of a stack topped by a"?", the DEFENDER may force the ATTACKER to momentarily reveal a non-Dummy unit in the stack to show that an actual force exists there. If...
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    Cumulative hindrance

    Cannot remember hoe this works: Range is 6 hexes, LOS crosses 3 grain hexes, one of the grain contains a stopped, non-motion AFV. Is the hindrance +3 or +4 and what is the rule citation?