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  1. Sparky

    CH White Finn Counters

    did you get both sets or just the winter set?
  2. Sparky

    Judged by History

    if you can get a formatted version of what you were trying to post Jim I'd love to read it. Anyhow.. who knows much resistance to that kind of change might generate. It could generate more support though than might be suspected. Millions of Republicans votes literally count for jack shit in...
  3. Sparky

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    what is interesting to see is just how divided we have become.. and suspect the likes of AOC and her leftist fire-breathing cohorts will be a much more common addition to Congress. That is where the party is going. and the most recent they've done.. likely showing the beginning the 'Trump...
  4. Sparky

    The British European Referendum

    hahaha and thanks. I just spit beer all over the monitor upon seeing that. It did need cleaning I suppose
  5. Sparky

    CW ASL #4 At Will! Fire!

    a big thank you and a damn you at the same time Danno for posting that. A wonderful AAR. Like some my first love was the ACW and I love gaming it out but had felt for board games it began and ended with the fabulous GCACW series and for computer games, which I have little time for general but...
  6. Sparky

    Judged by History

    aren't they in a way already... look no further than Virginia Jim.
  7. Sparky

    Siege of Sevastopol? Brest-Litovsk? Warsaw? Battle of the Bulge?

    ^ that was modeled very well I thought in the Sevastopol HASL as was all the super heavy artillery in play there. Not in counter form of course but as special OBA. ROF was every 5 turns which pretty much torches anything in the hex it hits and with a blast range of 2 hexes out with obviously...
  8. Sparky

    Judged by History

    yeah the history books that our future generations will be reading of these years. Really amazing if one steps back and looks at things, which is of course part of the much larger problem this country has.. it didn't.. and hasn't. some of the chapters the next generations will find of...
  9. Sparky

    Too early?

    too early? ummm.. very interesting... and was only off by 2 E.V and that sure looks familiar haha and for the same reasons. Democrats will turn out big time in 2020 and there...
  10. Sparky

    Democrats chicken out from climate change in the debates

    oh man... do we want to turn this into a philosophical sociological psychiatric thread... politics is so much more fun.. and so much more simpler than parsing the human condition haha it's called being a human Don. Compounded by the fucking chromosomes that curse us as men. That is what we...
  11. Sparky

    Democrats chicken out from climate change in the debates

    and umm.. was a debate topic... and not surprisingly 'she has a plan' for that as well 🤣 and it doesn't take a brain surgeon to know what that plan is in dealing with obstructionist McConnell... one of the few times she didn't come out and say what it is.. but she didn't have to. Those...
  12. Sparky

    Democrats chicken out from climate change in the debates

    of course we should.. and for reasons that work. of course she has a plan for that... "Here's what I propose, start with a place where there is a real need. There is going to be a worldwide need for green technology, ways to clean up the air and the water. And we can be the ones to provide...
  13. Sparky

    It takes a Nixon or a Trump to go to North Korea

    lol.. Looks like Sarah Sanders picked a really good point to have jumped off the runaway train.... and you thought being refused service was bad.. pfff...
  14. Sparky

    Great War ASL

    interesting subject. I can't speak from any experience, I have next to no interest in WW1, nor any desire to invest precious playing time playing something.. I have next to no interest in. So I have no idea about the details but never really thought it was much of a stretch to take the...
  15. Sparky


    wasn't hard to see that coming from Biden.... so after a bit of digestion.. here is my cold take on what we saw over those two nights. overall winner - easily Kamala Harris overall loser - easily Joe Biden surprise riser - Julian Castro. Took himself from the bottom tier and put himself...
  16. Sparky

    Too early?

    hahaha.. now that is too goddamned funny.. let me guess.. you have some anger issues don't you? Word to you man.. careful of that. It will unbalance you. Trump got 46%... and Romney before him.. oh jeez... 47% yes and I have written much about that.. I agree racism did drive much of...
  17. Sparky

    Too early?

    so in those states we've sort of seen that there were hundreds of thousands of votes cast for 3rd party.. yet they were one off votes. Call them protest votes. Those who could and not would not support Trump.. and those that could not and would not support Hillary. so in 2020.. who will be on...
  18. Sparky

    Too early?

    we come to the razor thinnies... leaving NH out of this for a couple of reasons.. sorry NH.. the 4 votes aren't worth the time (as I mean to show) and even in the perfect storm of 2016 the Democrats still won it.. won't put it as a blue .. it is still a battlefield... but one that had to have...
  19. Sparky

    Too early?

    leaving out again the razor thin for very last... going to the large group of battlegrounds in the 1% to 5% range Florida? easy one there.. no color.. truly a toss up.. an coin flip... I think Biden more moderate stance might have the best chance to beat Trump there as the economic sword of...
  20. Sparky

    Too early?

    so there is the 5%-10%r's. So in a normal election.. ie Trump remains being Trump and Republicans Republicans short view political genius's and long view fucking idiots....and the Democrats don't revert to f**king up wet dreams as they have shown the ability to do in the past.... and more to the...