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  1. Jeffrey D Myers

    Errata for FT 271?

    Bump, as not yet posted on the LFT website that I can see....
  2. Jeffrey D Myers

    Has anyone been to Monte Cassino?

    That honor would have to go to the original Ruwiesat Ridge!
  3. Jeffrey D Myers

    Has anyone been to Monte Cassino?

    Critical Hit has a pretty good older scenario pack (Carnage at Cassino) that has some good scenarios on the fighting in the rugged terrain northwest of the abbey. It was fun to use Google Maps to see that area (as well as the abbey and the road leading up to it).
  4. Jeffrey D Myers

    Routing in difficult terrain

    JR beat me to it, but the Good Order requirement is found in B20.91.
  5. Jeffrey D Myers

    Routing in difficult terrain

    It is the non-dry stream that prevents the LC in the OP's instance....
  6. Jeffrey D Myers

    From the Cellar # 9

    Possible errata for FT259 SSR 1 -- Looks like "12T2" should be "12I2" (Twelve Eye Two).
  7. Jeffrey D Myers

    Armored Assault (D9.31)

    Speaking of rabbits, I was surprised today to see at the Art Santa Fe exhibit a print of a white rabbit done by Grace Slick.... It was stationary, so expect that it would have been an easy hit with any type of Ordnance.
  8. Jeffrey D Myers

    The British European Referendum

    This makes me want to play Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper. Fine game.
  9. Jeffrey D Myers

    Cemetery Hill

    Overlays can be found here, I believe: .
  10. Jeffrey D Myers

    Is case A ever applied to DFF by a Motion AFV?

    Why not keep it in this thread? Inquiring minds want to know....
  11. Jeffrey D Myers

    Dug-in Tank Setup

    I've seen some scenario SSRs that permit dug-in tanks to be set up HIP if in concealment terrain....
  12. Jeffrey D Myers

    "As Luck Would Have It" SSR 2 foxholes as rout and rally terrain

    Inquiring minds want to know....
  13. Jeffrey D Myers

    And then what happens? Berserk enters into hex with HIP unit.

    Good order is for concealment loss, unbroken for concealment gain, AFAIR....
  14. Jeffrey D Myers

    The British European Referendum

    Touche con accento.
  15. Jeffrey D Myers

    Interesting Article on "Executive Power" Maybe I should have gone to the University of Michigan Law School rather than the University of Wisconsin -- very interesting research project.
  16. Jeffrey D Myers

    Flamethrowers and FFMO

    So is everyone else in the BGG thread other than the OP in that thread.... Bruce Probst in particular has not been amused.
  17. Jeffrey D Myers

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Going to play this one again via VASL at the occasional lunchtime against Seth Sparks. I have the SS with the Allies getting the advantage.