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  1. Sparky

    Offloading costs.

    I've had what I think is an interesting case pop up that I really can't find an applicable rule for. Am I missing something? Using wagons to transport some SW. No crew or other Passengers. If I understand the Wagon rules correctly I can do so (never used that often) i.e. it has an inherent...
  2. Sparky

    Soft Sand and Shell Holes

    I think I am reading this right but would like to make sure I am Got a 300mm NOBA 'concentration' being placed on a soft sand (open ground) hex. Can a shell hole be placed if a 16 (-1) IFT attack gets a original KIA result. Think you can, only point where I can see that it might not is...
  3. Sparky

    Hello all!

    strongly debated with myself to post or just lurk but for some personal reasons decided to jump in. Long time player, from the S.L. days. But not as old as most probably are. Was introduced to the game at a early age (about 10 I suppose) by my father whom I also inherited a love of history and...