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    He’s got 1 book out about it, so far.
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    Buck Rogers on DVD!

    Spandex was invented for that woman. :devil:
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    Russia's New Nukes

    Probably a good thing, we don’t need the temptation.
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    EA-ICS-AX1: Europe Aflame Interactive Combat Story: Axis Episode I

    So, are we agreed that we should increase U-boat construction and support Irish independence while pressuring Spain and Turkey to join with us?
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    Fox Goes Saudi?

    Time-Warner, that would include CNN.
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    Ann Coulter......How 9/11 Happened

    [/B] Okay, but let’s not forget that the Marine barracks in Beirut was also bombed, and all he did was get out.
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    Everyone likes Hillary right?

    Ah, thanks, now I understand. Sorry for being harsh in my previous post.
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    Iris Chang dead at 36

    Tragic, such a loss. :OHNO:
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    Everyone likes Hillary right?

    Wow, talk about a rambling, nonsensical response. You want to try that again with a recognizable sentence structure?
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    Temujin v Richa33: Did America Fabricate Iraq WMD or ?

    Yes, and you can always be counted on to find the most denigrating, harmful quotes possible when referring to the U.S.
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    Two term Presidents

    The XXII amendment was ratified on Feb. 27, 1951. Long after FDR died. Also it states that “this Article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this article was proposed by the Congress” so it didn’t even apply to Thurman.
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    EA-ICS-AX1: Europe Aflame Interactive Combat Story: Axis Episode I

    This sounds like a good idea. I think we should have 4-5 divisions of paratroopers with the necessary airlift to be able to drop them all at once. We should also think about training a special force that can be sent behind enemy lines to conduct raids and sabotage. How is that idea about...
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    EA-ICS-AX1: Europe Aflame Interactive Combat Story: Axis Episode I

    Also while we are plainning how to get Britain we should try to get Spain, & Turkey on our side. This will help stretch the Brits out and force them to re-enforce areas outside the UK. Aside from weakening their home defenses it will also strain their merchant fleet more and allow for more...
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    No more Tom Daschle!

    Hillary Clinton's re-election bid.
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    4 More Years !

    Hey I'm just asking what you have against the U.S. Your many post show that there is something that you don't like about it. Maybe you should go to counseling and work out whatever it is you have against us :OHNO: .
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    4 More Years !

    Why is it that you hate America so much? Did your girlfriend run off with a sailor when our fleet visited or what? :nuts:
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    4 More Years !

    The difference is that our senior NCOs and most of the officers that took part in GW1 did have experience with being under fire. Therefore they know what it is like. No one in your army, at any level, has that experience.
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    4 More Years !

    I was speaking about Europe as a whole and not solely Germany. But as you yourself point out Europe hasn’t fought a war in nearly 60 years. Which means that none of your people have experience with the real thing. Training only goes so far. Until the bullets are coming in for real you don’t...
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    No more Tom Daschle!

    So what happened to the .50 caliber that was suppose to have been there? Maybe it melted in the fire. :nervous:
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    NationStates GDP

    Hammerstad Gross Domestic Product Population: 651,000,000 Civil Rights: Excellent Economy: Strong GDP per Capita: $12,500 GDP: $8,137,500,000,000 National Budget: $2,325,290,625,000 The number of people in your military is: 32,550,000