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    Hatten In Flames

    I've been playing ASL and SL for about 45 years, although surely not always correctly or well, and have most of the original releases and some of the post AH stuff and after playing one day of CGI, this may very well be a very close competitor to Red Barricades as regards to overall fun...
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    Flamethrowers, TEM, and FFMO

    I think your conclusion that A10.531 that specifically mentions grain, brush, or orchard not being Open Ground because the -1 FFMO DRM does not apply is part of the circular reasoning trap that exists in the rules. Why doesn't the FFMO DRM apply? Because it isn't OG. Why isn't it OG? Because...
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    Flamethrowers, TEM, and FFMO

    OK, not really satisfied with responses on BGG about this topic, someone suggested posting here. I hope someone can set me straight with a complete and rules-based response after reading thoroughly my two original posts. Thanks in advance. I'm going to repost two of my posts from my original...