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    Your gaming partners: the good, the bad, and the ugly

    I have a tendency to play only with people of my wargame club in Toulouse, South West of France. Sometime there is a newbie who comes to discover wargame, and we initiate him into ASL. I only played two games with VASL. I should restart to play with it, to meet people from other countries...
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    First Students Expelled Over French Law

    They are not expelled because of their religion, but because they wear conspicuous religious symbol. It is forbidden to defend thesecularity of the Republic. LaPalice.
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    First Students Expelled Over French Law

    Muslim children can wear religious head scarves, except in Public school. Otherwise do you really think that here the Neo Nazi have the right to wear nazi uniform ? LaPalice.
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    Israel could become pariah state, warns report

    What I want to say is that EU will maybe have enough power to convince Isreal to do what she asks. You can do it with political, economical... pressure, you don't necessaraly need military force. LaPalice.
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    Israel could become pariah state, warns report

    Well, I simply wanted to say by diplomatic and political pressures. I didn't choose the good word. LaPalice.
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    Israel could become pariah state, warns report

    It depends on the power EU will have in the future. EU will certainly have more and more influence in Mediterranean, and could have enough means of pressure to force Israel to do what she want. If I understandthe article, it is what it explains. LaPalice.
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    Israel could become pariah state, warns report

    In the future EU could have on Israel the same influence she have on Turkey : by several pressure Europe forced Turkey to change her laws, for example a law on adultery. Interesting article. LaPalice.
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    Your Favourite TV series...

    The Simpsons. Monty Python's. Band of Brothers. LaPalice.
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    Happy Birthday, Tiberius!

    Happy Birthday :). LaPalice.
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    What is your biggest (gaming) weakness ?

    Mine is that I spend not enough time to think to what I am going to do this turn. The other one is that I don't know the game mechanisms very well, and then make a lot of mistakes when I play. LaPalice.
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    What part of history would you like to see made into a film?

    I don't know this one, is it an American or a French movie ? LaPalice.
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    Jean Luc BETIN Has a problem

    Je souhaite à Jean Luc le plus prompte rétablissement et qu'il revienne rapidement parmis nous. LaPalice.
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    I thought that as soon as a unit is in a fortified mode, it automatically increases each turn, but not as many as if you give the order to dig in. LaPalice.
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    What part of history would you like to see made into a film?

    There is a French movie about Dien Bien Phu, made by a guy called Shonderfer, well known in France. LaPalice.
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    How do you use the replay?

    In fact it is interesting to know if your opponent watchs the replay or not. LaPalice.
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    How do you use the replay?

    For me it depends of the scenario and of the turn, and even of the moment of the turn. When it is a long railroad move I look at it quickly for example. At the same time I re-watch some part two times when I want to be sure what my opponent did, and to remember it well during my own turn...
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    US Dominating at the Olympics

    In fact if you count the number of medals won by EU, the Europeans are by far the best in the world. LaPalice.
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    Your Username?

    LaPalice was a François the First’s lieutenant during the war in Italy in the 16th century. He participated at the battle of Marignan where the French defeated the Swiss, and at the battle of Pavie where he died, as the song I use as my sig says it. Why I chose it ? Well, because I had to...
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    What could be the main causes to make our world a worst one ?

    I voted for all the things concerning pollution, even if I could have vote for other possibilities. LaPalice.
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    Could you be kind enough

    If I don't post a lot I still continue to read the posts, the greatest part at least. Autrement, ben, c'est toujours le boulot, et le boulot et le boulot :). LaPalice.