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  1. BW92

    Great War ASL

    I posted the following on The "Desperation Morale" site regarding Critical Hit's WW1 ASL Compliant product... I thought I would look for intelligent responses here: This has been a few years now, but I must ask – precisely why is WW1 not portable to ASL rules system...
  2. BW92

    What scenarios do you prefer?

    Hello, I am just curious to 'take a pulse' so to say about play to do it. In any scenario, it's a given that both players should have an equal chance to 'win'. That said, what interests forum members most in a scenario: (1) Winning by defeating your opponent openly by force...
  3. BW92

    Custom Counters?

    Hello all, I'm pretty new to this forum. I was glad to find such a place for ASL and derivatives. One of the main reasons I joined was to ask - "what do you guys do - who do you seek, to get custom game counters made?" My mind has been percolating for many years (decades) on some basic...