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  1. soulforged

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    I already have the deluxe 2mm clipper and a Chinese 3mm one. But yes, I got it out of my hands... I will now only buy the reprints of fKaC and CdG if they come this year and Rising Sun if I find a reasonable priced one. Raaco storage system is also next but I am not that worry because my idea...
  2. soulforged

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    This month I got Beyond Valor Pocket rulebook Yanks Armies of Oblivion Doomed Battalions Hatten in Flames Action Pack #4 Winter Offensive #8
  3. soulforged

    Raaco- what system storage do you use?

    I have also recently bough a 3D printer so I will start printing inserts for the future Raaco I will buy.
  4. soulforged

    New player from Germany

    Hi! I have just registered and recently started playing ASL SK. I have only played SK1 and now reading the rules for SK2 but I know for sure I will move to full so I am already purchasing modules before the go out of stock for decades :rofl: Although I live in Germany I am Spanish. I am open...