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  1. RRschultze

    The British European Referendum

    Trump and potentially BoJo - WTF we’ve dug deep into the gene pool here!
  2. RRschultze

    Have so many other tactical systems hurt ASL?

    The most devastating danger to ASL is ourselves. Why? How many times do we read on these forums members gloating that they have bought 2+ copies of a module, one as a working copy the other to keep on the shelf. Potential new ASL players cannot get into the system without spending a fortune...
  3. RRschultze

    Lock your rooms!

    I totally concur re the table point, when I play VASL and people pop by to look, don't have a problem with that, unless they pick up the pieces and rock off!
  4. RRschultze

    Want to do a RO CG .....

    Good by me
  5. RRschultze

    Removing (a bit of) luck from ASL

    It’s purely a dice game and the more I play I keep swaying to larger scenarios/CG’s in an attempt to ‘smooth’ the averages. Someone posted above ‘no luck’ involved. I totally disagree, the dice rule the map. Perfect example of this happened the other night. I was playing ‘Norman D’ with me...
  6. RRschultze

    Madd a "proof of concept" table topper

    Is that a diy orchard overlay?
  7. RRschultze

    konigsberg HASL

    Think Stalingrad but with more rubble
  8. RRschultze

    What sort of vehicle notes do you prefer?

    Great job your doing there Martin even though I haven’t got an easlrb.
  9. RRschultze

    BLOODY BUNA - Latest CH Pack - Nice to have this

    I’m looking forward to the Leningrad modules that should be coming soon. Nice early war stuff with Czech 35t’s. map panels are good, no creasing unlike some other maps from other publishers.
  10. RRschultze

    The British European Referendum

    That will be me then 👍 I’ll have a job until I retire
  11. RRschultze

    Vasl map for CH Kursk - Hell on Earth available

    That’s excellent news, the module is only just shipping as well! Has he given permission for part 2 as well?
  12. RRschultze

    Your top 5 favorite NFL players of all time

    Joe montanna, Ronnie Lott, Jerry rice, Lawrence Taylor and Carl banks.
  13. RRschultze

    The British European Referendum

    Perry... Say what you mean, don't sit on that fence!. Good to see you on the forums!. How's the medication holding up :)
  14. RRschultze

    German four barrel AAMG?

    Wi wirbelwind mounted the quad 20mm flakweirling
  15. RRschultze

    Any interest in "print your own" turret counters?

    I’m not knocking them, there good and would be useful for chaps who haven’t got them.
  16. RRschultze

    Any interest in "print your own" turret counters?

    Already have countersmith workshop version
  17. RRschultze


    Nordic twilight Hill of blood
  18. RRschultze

    Happy Christmas Everybody....

    Spellchecker would be good!
  19. RRschultze

    Happy Christmas Everybody....

    Look at his face he’s just been given his 1st dicetower! Happy Christmas Martin to you and family!
  20. RRschultze

    Any good storage methods for CH panel map packs?

    there is a Latin word that springs to mind when reading his comments “fuckus Wittis”