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  1. Cherper

    Harpoon 4

    Mike, I was reading about the new rules for Harpoon that are due out and they sound really good. I have played 4.1 and it is a slog. Too much time spent on calculating everything. The new rules are streamlined eliminating all the headaches with aircraft, fuel usage, loadout, etc.. They...
  2. Cherper

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I have to say that the game is great. The animation is amazing and the world is beautiful. The only thing that drives me nuts is that you can't fast travel back to camp. Only from camp and then by stage or rail between cities. Arthur spends so much time riding his horse that my ass is...
  3. Cherper

    So who's playing Battletech?

    I was a kickstarter backer and the game is great. A few issues here and there, but they do seem to be releasing patches for it. There is a path forward from the game, where they will be releasing add-ons to get to the Clans at some point.
  4. Cherper

    The Division Beta

    Anybody playing The Division beta on PS4? If you want to connect let me know.
  5. Cherper

    Books: what are you currently reading?

    Nope, October 12. Picked it up last Tuesday at Costco. I started reading it Monday though (I read really fast).
  6. Cherper

    Books: what are you currently reading?

    I am about 3/4 of the way through American Assassin. I have enjoyed the book, quick read and very entertaining.
  7. Cherper

    Incredible finish to LSU vs. Tennessee game

    LSU's biggest problem is their offensive coordinator, Gary Crowton. The guy is the mad scientist type and he can't help but tinker. His offense is potent the first time around, but once it is seen, it really starts to taper off. That is what is happening now. Everyone in the SEC has seen the...
  8. Cherper

    Anyone here practice martial arts or boxing?

    Football count?
  9. Cherper

    The Pillars of the Earth

    The Pillars of the Earth is one of the best books I have ever read. It is long, but the depth of the story is amazing. You get to see the sacrifice as these early-medieval builders learn their craft. Well worth reading. I don't have Starz so I can't comment on the series. I will have to...
  10. Cherper

    Books: what are you currently reading?

    Had a warped mind. He died back in 2004. Pretty good run of books for a dead man.
  11. Cherper

    Napoleonic era movies

    I liked the A&E Napoleon mini-series. While there are a few glitches, overall the series is well done and Christian Clavier is excellent as Napoleon and Isabella Rossellini as Josephine is also good.
  12. Cherper

    Books: what are you currently reading?

    You are generous. I thought it was so poorly written I had a really hard time finishing. He just seemed to ramble and repeat himself throughout the book. Maybe old age is catching up to him, he is 73 or 74.
  13. Cherper

    The Saints Did It!

    I wonder what the line will be on the rioting in New Orleans. Over/Under 100 arrests?
  14. Cherper

    Brett Favre: Choke of the century...

    Damn straight. Favre comes back and has a career year. This is a team loss not just his. He spent most of the game on his back. The fact that he cam back with the ankle injury would only have been a legend-maker if he won, now it is something for "fans" to point at as an excuse.
  15. Cherper

    Books: what are you currently reading?

    Is that the one about the Special Forces teams in Afghanistan? If so I read it and thought it was really well done, and could have been a blueprint of how to actually use SF troops to win the war on terror.
  16. Cherper

    Books: what are you currently reading?

    Antony Beevor's D-Day. Getting ready for GMT's Battle for Normandy. Should be in my hands tomorrow or Wednesday.
  17. Cherper

    Books: what are you currently reading?

    I have been reading Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman by Jon Krakauer. Very interesting book though the political asides by Krakauer detract from the story in my opinion. I also just started The Longest Night: A Military History of the Civil War by David Eicher. Good overview of...
  18. Cherper

    ULTRAMARINES - The Movie!!!!

    I won't hold my breath on this being very good.
  19. Cherper

    Books: what are you currently reading?

    I liked The Corps a bit more than Brotherhood of War. I also liked his Presidential Agent Series, but haven't been able to get into his police or OSS series.
  20. Cherper

    Books: what are you currently reading?

    And unfortunately it is probably the best of the series. I read the next two hoping that they would get better, but it never happened. I also thought it was just too impossible that everyone he met was an expert in something that they needed.