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  1. Alan Hume

    New WO Pack

    I just wondered if anyone had any insight on the new Winter Offensive Pack at all? Here's hoping
  2. Alan Hume

    Boggin' Bocage

    just a quick question. I can't find any info anywhere but is there a bog diceroll modifier for Bocage? I am assuming there is but I just cant find it
  3. Alan Hume

    How to identify enemy units?

    Not sure if I have asked this before or not but heck, here goes nothing I've been reading an American unit history lately and while it is very interesting and could yield scenarios I'm drawing a blank with it as it comprehensively fails to identify the German units involved, not one, nada, zip...
  4. Alan Hume

    map overviews

    Hi guys, I know I've asked this question before but I just can't find the thread so sorry to bother you all with it again I was hoping someone could point me towards a site that might illustrate all (or the majority of) the ASL mapboards so that I don't have to actually...
  5. Alan Hume

    could this be a viable scenario

    Been digging through a particular book for ages now looking for potential scenarios, finally got one (right down to identification of the German unit involved) but it looks a bit one sided do you guys think this could make for a viable scenario or not? 4 squads of germans with an HMG and 2 pak...
  6. Alan Hume


    Hey guys, I just wondered if anyone had the scoop on the Supplemental Map pack, I think Perry said recently that it had reached about halfway in the preorder stakes and that it would drop/be dropped next year? Is it still a product that's on the way do you think folks?
  7. Alan Hume

    FREE to good home (well, if you cough up for the shipping anyhow ;)

    Hi, I recently was given a fair amount of ASL kit as a friend left the hobby (darn it) I shared it out with my friends and I am still left with a couple of small bits to go If you want them please let me know and you can have them gratis, although shipping to the USA is fairly expensive...
  8. Alan Hume

    LUFTWAFFE by Avalon Hill (Lou Zocchi)

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask if anyone can help me, I am in the middle of writing a short review of Luftwaffe for KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE magazine but my copy has lost the DESIGNER'S NOTES AND CAMPAIGN BRIEFING booklet I was wondering if anyone had a copy and if they could...
  9. Alan Hume

    Board Z

    using Board Z in a scenario and my buddy Rod pointed out an anomaly to me that I had completely missed. If you look at hexes Z8, AA8, AA9,BB9 and CC9 they all, at first glance, appear to be buildings hexes (with stone buildings) but, on closer inspection you can see that the white dot is...
  10. Alan Hume

    For King and Country?

    What with the ridiculous prices it is fetching now on ebay I wanted to ask if there are any plans for a rerelease of this module at all? I realise that if there is it must be pretty far down the list as there is so much that we are already waiting for but I sure would like to be able to buy a...
  11. Alan Hume

    Airborne armored gun jeeps

    Just flicking through "I'm the 82nd Airborne" and there are numerous pictures of what they describe as 'armored gun jeeps' in use by the 82nd Recon section I have never seen anything like those before (they're basically jeeps with armored plate all over them armed with .50 cal machine guns) but...
  12. Alan Hume


    I was wondering if there was any way of looking up the ASL mapboards online (for help when choosing for a scenario) in order to save having to pour through every single physical map I own whenever I am trying to choose a board? no idea if anything is out there to help or not
  13. Alan Hume

    Red Factories Countermix

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to ask if anyone knew what the countermix is going to be in Red Factories, I'm just keen to see what extra goodies will be there for the Russians and Germans (well, just interested in finding out what's going to be there in general to be honest) I've got...
  14. Alan Hume

    German half squads

    a stupid question I know but can anyone tell me what German 4-3-6 conscripts split down to? I can't seem to find any relevant halfsquads in my counter tray so I', getting a bit confused here is all thanks
  15. Alan Hume

    Calling Randy Schurtz

    Hey Randy, I just wanted to say a big thank you once again for you offering to help me out with the playtesting of my Royal Scots scenarios. I just wanted to get in touch to ask if you had found the time to have a go yet at all I was just hoping to hear back is all All the...
  16. Alan Hume

    how to represent a metal suspension bridge?

    Hey guys, stupid question but just how do you represent a large metal suspension bridge in ASL? Is it the blue counters with red arrows on it (and what looks like a metal bridge) with 0 TEM/LOS and +1 TEM/LOS printed on it? and how is it referred to in the SSR is it a 'metal'...
  17. Alan Hume

    How do you get a scenario published by MMP?

    I was wondering guys, just how do you go about getting a scenario published by MMP? If I keep designing and get more scenarios done (that aren't already promised elsewhere) how to I get a scenario in print with MMP? Do they accept random submissions?
  18. Alan Hume

    representing rubble in a scenario

    Hey guys, does anyone have any idea how best to represent rubble in a scenario, I'm working on a scenario with the Canadian Scottish regiment (sister regiment to the Royal Scots) if I can only pin down what enemy units where there, and the town they fought in was rubbled so how best to go about...
  19. Alan Hume

    MG's versus armored vehicles

    Hey guys, I'm a bit unclear on this the rules say an MG (what kind, LMG, HMG or what?) can kill a 'poorly armored AFV' but how does this work in reality (roll to hit on To Hit Table with Vehicle target type, okay, got that but then what, roll on the AP to Kill Table, okay but what bit I am...
  20. Alan Hume


    going to have a go at doing up a 'small' scenario featuring the Canadian Scottish Regiment (sister Regiment to the Royal Scots) have run out of potential Royal Scots actions so trying to make up the 10 scenarios I need (lost two to Pete at VFTT as he wants to release them free as a taster)...