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  1. Stewart

    Rout Destination

    THINK TANK Come Alive Where is the Rout Destination and WHY? Where can he NOT rout to and WHY?
  2. Stewart

    When to roll for TC when immune to TC?

    I recall a discussion mandating the TC DR when a hero, etc... is immune to the effects of the TC. Does anyone recall this and it can activate a Sniper ?
  3. Stewart

    Results for this Rout Phase?

    EE7 needs to rout. ALL units in the pic are enemy units except the one in MELEE in BB6. What happens to EE8? V7 and T7 Both need to rout. ALL other units are enemy units. What happens to both? Basic rout questions with no special rules or circumstances apply. They just need to Rout. Thank...
  4. Stewart

    Concealed units entering Crest

    situation Enemy in adjacent hex to a concealed unit in a depression that the enemy has LOS to. The concealed unit enters crest status. Does the ?ed unit lose concealment? The location is the same no TEM are modified either unlike leaving an entrenchment in OG in the same hex.
  5. Stewart

    Looking for some ASLSK players of any skill level

    I'm trying to run through all of the SK 1-3 series of mods. I want to record game discussion etc. for replays that other players can our thoughts of our actions and strategy is sought after. Lmk if you are game !! I have a couple players lined up.. but there plenty of scenarios.
  6. Stewart

    ASLSK 1 opponents needed for scenarios 4-6

    Hey guys and gals, I know the ASLSK Vasl Friendly League is up and running, but I'm also looking to play through all of the SK series games. I need 3 more opponents for the first SK series Scenarios 4-6. Either played on Vasl or TableTop Simulator. Many don't have TTS so its no big deal. I'm...
  7. Stewart

    Bypass "out the side Gate" ??

    Can you bypass the F3-E3 hexside as infantry and then Enter E3? I.e. stopping midway and taking a right? The example on Page A7 seems to indicate no.
  8. Stewart

    Playing ASL for FUN

    Anyone interested in the Canadian PAfF stuff? I'd like to give them a of the smaller ones first... To be in a REPLAY. Stew
  9. Stewart

    You need to be a subscriber to VIEW sale items?

    It's not mentioned in the header.... Maybe a change is needed to the header... WHY not just charge 3% for sales?? otherwise sellers might not get the views and interest needed to sell quicker??
  10. Stewart

    Squad Leader and ASL 1st edition game cover high res images

    Greetings all, I'm looking to find some HIGH res images to create 20x30 posters. Can you send me information or the images? Thanks!!