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  1. Matt Book

    DTF-6 Magnificent Beast of Prey SSR Query

    SSR 1 Takes black bars out and making them part of building depictions, eliminating Rowhouses and making them multihex buildings with level one locations in each hex. The same SSR designates 10zX5 and 10zY7 as multi-story with a stairwell in each hex. Since they already contain inherent...
  2. Matt Book

    B9.36 EX-Vehicle Wall Advantage Status

    In the B9.36 Example on Page B10 ..... Why does the T-34 get to choose to be Hull Down or use the Building TEM in N9 from the PzIV in P9, but when the PzIII later in the example moves to P9 (the same hex as the PzIV) the T-34 in N9 can't claim WA for Hull Down status due to claiming in-hex TEM...
  3. Matt Book

    Remote Control Soviet Flamethrower

    Watching "Inside Hitler's Last Days" on Nat Geo and they showed the Soviets attacking Berlin using a flamethrower on wheels via remote control with a fuel tube. Can't find any info on these, anyone seen or heard of these?
  4. Matt Book

    California to Secede from California

    Planned economy policies stabilizing another major economy...
  5. Matt Book

    47 HEAT

    47 HEAT is listed as having a 26 TK Does anyone know a counter that has 47 HEAT on it?
  6. Matt Book

    What happpened to Scott Holst?

    I see he is banned....What was it this time?
  7. Matt Book

    Who is gonna win the Bowl?

    Giants or Pats.... Let's hear it, place your pick, and sound off why...
  8. Matt Book

    Winter Camouflage/HIP Set Up

    > If units with Winter Camouflage can assault > move/advance in Open Ground regardless of LOS distance > to enemy units, then can HIP units with Winter > Camouflage set up HIP in any non-concealment > applicable terrain? > No. ....Perry MMP
  9. Matt Book

    Terrain Blaze DRM

    > B25.2 Does a terrain blaze produce +3 smoke or +2 > smoke like a wreck blaze? Thanks +3 per A24.5 ....Perry MMP
  10. Matt Book

    SW CA Fire Phase

    > If a MMG fires during First Fire from a building hex > and retains ROF can it change its CA and fire at a > different target in the Final Fire Phase? Would this > be any different if the MMG lost rate, was marked with > First Fire, and now wanted to fire at the end of the > Final...
  11. Matt Book

    Armor/Passenger Leader MA Influence

    > Can an Armor or Passenger Leader direct the MA of a > vehicle with a MG listed as the MA such as the 4FP > AAMG listed on a Jeep as the MA? An Armor Leader cannot be in a Jeep but can direct MG MA of an AFV. A passenger leader can only direct the MG of an armored HT as part of a FG...
  12. Matt Book

    D3.54 Stunned Vehicle Passenger Activity

    > D3.54 If a vehicle is stunned in its turn can its > pinned or broken passengers disembark normally as if > the vehicle wasn't under the effects of stun? > No, a Stunned vehcile cannot do anything. ....Perry MMP
  13. Matt Book

    A7.55 Bypass Mandatory FG

    > > > Can two squads fire individually at a unit in > > bypass > > > at different vertices/CAFP's or are they held by > > A7.55 > > > Mandatory FG rules for firing at the same unit in > > the > > > same location? > > Since the different target points are in the same Location...
  14. Matt Book

    Recall Passenger/SW Status

    > D5.341 Under this rule a vehicle that suffers recall > must as its first action unload passengers. In regards > to this application can the inherent passenger/crew of > vehicles such as 251/sMG or a 251/2 unload their > weapons before leaving due to recall or are they > considered...