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  1. Fortunato

    SK1 PBEM Opponent Wanted

    Hi all, I recently started playing "full" ASL via Email. However, I always wanted to play the SK scenarios one by one, starting with SK1 / Retaking Vierville. I can manage at least 5 logs/week (CEST, Berlin). If anyone's interested (for one, some or all SK1 scenarios) please contact me...
  2. Fortunato

    ASLSK or Basic ASL PBEM Opponent wanted (Newbie)

    Hi All, I started playing a year or so ago, mainly via FtF/VASL and with the help of a generous tutor. I've played some SK1 scenarios, but mainly full ASL with infrantry only (still make mistakes, though). I'd like to get into PBEM and am looking for an opponent who has the patience to walk me...