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  1. cain

    Xbox360 Games on offer (TODAY ONLY!)

    Some great deals there, 4gb memory stick for 34 quid :) And the 360 bundle was pretty good too, don't want 2 though :p
  2. cain

    New Sig

    The lens flare wrecks it, other than that its quite good :PIMP:
  3. cain

    XG cod3 game?

    The game on sunday was good :) Me Dragon and Naluka, not sure if anybody else from here was on there or not. Quite good fun though :D
  4. cain

    Gears of War sig

    I love it, well done :)
  5. cain


    I wouldn't purchase one for two reasons. #1 The games avaliable on it are not my style, i'm not into zelda ect. Maybe monkeyball but i wouldn't buy a wii just for that. #2 I'm personally put off as the graphics havn't progressed much unlike the 360 and Ps3 next-gen consoles. If they'd improved...
  6. cain

    CoD3 360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii video

    Yeah, that's a good point. And as the producers get more used to what the ps3 can do they'll be able to make it better like they've already done with the 360.
  7. cain

    PC-like aiming controls on the Wii

    Ooooh thats quite cool actually :D
  8. cain

    CoD3 360 vs. PS3 vs. Wii video

    360>PS3>Wii :D
  9. cain

    New members introduce yourself here

    Cain - Came with merge - happy to be here :D
  10. cain

    Graphics Comp... design my tattoo!!!

    WOW, well done Ewan! :) When i first saw that entry i thought it looked great. Looking forward to pictures ect. :D
  11. cain

    About My Wii and Mii

    Look'n good! :)
  12. cain

    3 Xbox 360 Colours?

    Consoles in black always look best imo, although the 360 does look pretty cool in the off white colour.
  13. cain

    Animated Gifs as avatars...

    The same picture?
  14. cain

    The Angry Nintendo Nerd

    I didn't see the 2nd one before, LOL that is even more funny in a way.
  15. cain

    Animated Gifs as avatars...

    Thats very weird indeed. :eek:
  16. cain

    Animated Gifs as avatars...

    Nice one pspmaniac, i love the way its neatly 3kb under lol :p
  17. cain

    The Angry Nintendo Nerd

    Thats hilairous, i love videos like that. :D
  18. cain

    XG cod3 game?

    OK, Will do :)
  19. cain

    XG cod3 game?

    sounds good, unranked is better for this, that way people can join it after we start the server and it wont just end when a team wins :)
  20. cain

    2006: 40 Activision Titles on 360

    Awesome, I love their games :D