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    Hey Guys, returning to TacOps after a bit, and futzing with scenario design. I can't for the life of me figure our how to set up units to come in after the start of the scenario. When I add new units they must be placed on the do you establish reinforcement entry? thanks in...
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    Game Wanted

    Looking for a patient opponent to play a scenario from Corinth, Peninsula, Shiloh, or Gettysburg (I could be talked into a campaign of Corinth). I specify patient because I know I am going to be very slow. New son, New Job starting in the fall, gotta sell one house, and buy another...200...
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    setup areas

    When constructing a two player scenario from the custom scenario template is it possible to assign setup areas and a pool of forces available for deployment within the setup area or must all forces start the scenario on map? Thanks in advance HK
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    Single Player Scenarios

    Hello All, I have just purchased this gem of a game and have read a bit of the manual as well as a bit here. Am I correct in understanding that it is not possible to design single player scenarios from scratch (new OOB and Map)? I am very interested in the WWII expansion and would like...
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    I need a game

    Hi all, New to this ladder. I've got Campaign Peninsula, and Campaign Gettysburg. I'm looking for an opponent for gettys scenario 007 Historical Battle of Gettysburg. This one uses the huge map and there would be lots of room for maneuver. I'll take either side. Alternatively, I just...