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  1. Fred Campbell

    HASL for Kohima?

    Is anyone working on an HASL for the battle of Kohima? It seems like a good candidate for such treatment. I've been thinking about it, but wouldn't want to spend time on it if it's already being done (or has been done).
  2. Fred Campbell

    Another storage question

    I have my core modules organized and stored by nationality. I recently bought Festung Budapest and only now realize just how many additional Russian and German counters it contains. Is it better (1) to split up HASL modules by mixing their counters into core nationality storage or (2) keep HASL...
  3. Fred Campbell

    Hex scale in ASL

    How flexible is the 40 meter hex scale in ASL? Would a slightly smaller scale (20-30 meters per hex) be considered acceptable in a HASL map? Has it been done before?
  4. Fred Campbell

    New version of deluxe ASL

    The design of the original AH deluxe modules was driven by the desire to play with miniatures. I've been wondering whether there would be interest in a deluxe ASL 2.0 that would use larger hexes (but not as large as AH deluxe) and “deluxe” counters/components. My initial thoughts on this would...