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  1. xenovin

    Desperation Morale website down.....but for how long?

    down at the moment so hopefully just a temporary thing.
  2. xenovin

    New Geo map at next ASLOK

    Posted on the Facebook by Shelling. Too bad GS seems to be going the way of the ASLML as much more seems to be posted to social media sites. Anyway, looks pretty funky!
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    LSSAH 44 Shot and Roared Question

    Do the Germans really move first? With a forward "defense", the SS jump, VB freeze, and mostly destroy the Canadians on Turn 1 before they can even unpack their DM equipment. The other option is having the Canadians set up along the northern edge followed by moving through HMG fire lanes...
  4. xenovin

    T-34-57, ROF 0, 1, or 2?

    Hive mind, I need to SSR a counter to represent the T-34 armed with a 57L gun (or 57LL?) in 1941 so I'm using a T-34 M41 (but they had radios as a bonus) and wondering if the higher rate of fire 57L would have a ROF of 0 (like most T-34s) or a 1 (or 2?) with the higher rate of fire? These were...
  5. xenovin

    Any interest in a Starter Kit scenario design contest?

    Not sure if there is any interest in doing this or not. suggest only using the components of Starter Kit #3 so that either SK1, SK2 or SK3 type scenarios can be developed. based on the boards and counters, a rural 1944-45 time period seems appropriate. I know the SK St. Goar Assault contest...
  6. xenovin

    When you just can't find that perfect board

    This was in one of the old Aussie scenario packs
  7. xenovin

    Free Starter Kit 1 level scenario

    I put this up on Facebook but if you are not on it, here you go. You can have two players for the Germans so a 3-player type scenario. Enjoy!
  8. xenovin

    What ever happened to Kevin Kenneally?

    He had 10,000 posts and now never seen again. The last I heard from him he was moving on from his consulting job but saw he’s been at some of the Texas ASL events. Did he retire into the internet free zone?
  9. xenovin

    Wild Bill Wilder/First to Fight’s: Fighting for the Freedoms: Operation Enduring Freedom #2

    This is a review of Wild Bill Wilder and First to Fight’s “Fighting for the Freedoms: Operation Enduring Freedom #2 (or EF2). EF2 should really be called the battle against Isis. The pack comes with nine pages of rules (more like guidelines, Rrrrr) covering medics (pseudo US commissar...
  10. xenovin

    Winter Offensive 2019 under way

    Well I'm surprised nobody is asking about the tourney and while I was not able to make it, here's a few pictures from Facebook:
  11. xenovin

    draft SK scenario using new DASL boards

    I saw this over at consimworld and though folks here might be interested. Not my website or design just passing this along. Enjoy!
  12. xenovin

    New PTO terrain?

    So what happens when you put a grid over German fleck camo? You get this: I see PTO but what does your inner rorschach see?
  13. xenovin

    Any good storage methods for CH panel map packs?

    Title says it all. The panel map packs are much larger than standard 8.5"x 11" ASL packs and wondering how folks store them. Right now I have to cut the ends off two page protectors and packing tape them back together into one large sleeve so I can put it in a binder. I friend of mine uses...
  14. xenovin

    Wild Bill Wilder ASL-ography. Are there any more packs for the list?

    So does anyone have any additional information on scenario packs to add to the list below? I'm not asking about quality or appropriate time frame as this has long been discussed: US Civil War Civil War Series #1: Raiders (cavalry raids) Civil War Series #2: The Stonewall Brigade Colonial...
  15. xenovin

    Why is AP7 going for $200 on ebay?

    I just saw this and it is crazy I'm guessing its out of print but really?!
  16. xenovin

    J145 Golden Pheasants (Nuremberg Campaign)

    I was the German defender in this the third and final linked CG scenario J145 “Golden Pheasants” against JR’s US mech forces. Like the two previous scenarios, the Germans have very little infantry but for once there is a nice core of actual fighting quality (5x SS 658s). The SS boys have to...
  17. xenovin

    past WBC ASL Champions (and their pictures)

    I found this looking for something else: enjoy!
  18. xenovin

    J143 Circle of Doom (Nuremberg Trilogy Part 1)

    JRV and I decided to play the three linked scenarios from Pete Shelling's "Verdict at Nuremberg" mini campaign (Journal 9). I have the defending German's on the last dying days of the war in Europe. As part of the CG, each side has three secret CG force pools (Groups A, B & C) that can be used...
  19. xenovin

    Tactical Playing Cards solo recommendations

    Guidance in two quick PDFs made available by the designer here (see Mister T's post):
  20. xenovin

    large collection of Western Front AARs by German officers

    Title says it all. NARA documents and figured a few designers might find this useful: Hope this link works as site is a little screwy trying to find resources. Enjoy!