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  1. Futbol

    konigsberg HASL

    just checking in for a status report cant wait to order it!
  2. Futbol

    need a counter ASAP!
  3. Futbol

    ersatz secenarios

    Has anyone remade a scenario for personal use? for instance I am remaking Showdown at Tug Argan Pass by using boards 81 and 83 from forgotten war along with a few minor tweaks. Gonna play it and see. Anyway who else modified a scenario (considering the amount of available boards now this...
  4. Futbol

    just found this Pacific War

    Crusade in the Pacific This series was made in 1951 by time, to me it rivals any war documentary ever, and i found it by accident most of the footage is never before seen (at least by me) the series covers the Pacific war...
  5. Futbol

    armored trains

    i recall that Hakkaa Paalle was set to have armored trains. What happened? No scenarios? too complicated or problems coming up with a counter design? I'm just curious guys.. will they be coming up in the future?
  6. Futbol

    worst pilot ever?

    So what are the chances of an observation plane malfunctioning its radio (and repairing it!) twice in a 5 turn scenario and....calling in friendly fire on his own troops? (sans casualties) any worse events you have had?
  7. Futbol

    excellent scenario material good story plenty of detail
  8. Futbol

    cAT gun?

    comments? cant wait...
  9. Futbol

    CH Errata

    does critical hit have an errata page? Im setting up a scenario and it seems designed wrong....
  10. Futbol

    barbed wire fences

    where can I find the rules covering barbed wire fences? I thought they were in KGP, if so I dont have it and I am getting ready to play the Stonne Heights. could someone send me the rules? thanks addendum: thanks in advance but I was able to locate the rules by looking through some past...
  11. Futbol

    why so high?

    caught your attention huh? Well anyway I'm wondering why the CS of of the German Pz IIIF is a six. Is this generous, or based on a good tank design, good crew training etc?
  12. Futbol

    2019 France?

    Does anyone have info on the re release of the French Module? Counters scenarios etc? Will there finally be Free French in Blue any counters for the Vichy? Release date?
  13. Futbol

    the damage is done

    Had an idea yesterday after watching a ww2 documentary. I'm advancing a SSR or rule concerning damaged buildings. During the gulf war I noticed many damaged or burnt out buildings still standing. Here' it is... a damaged building would simply have its TEM lowered by one. One could say we have...
  14. Futbol

    future scenarios?

    very good article on a German tank commander on the Russian Front
  15. Futbol

    Hungry for more

    Now that Forgotten War has arrived and been broken down into storage what's next in the ASL Pipeline? Red Factories? Manila? just want to know so I can figure how much more storage space I will need....
  16. Futbol

    friendly fire

    tell us your worst incident of "friendly fire" that caused casualties...
  17. Futbol

    Chinese scenarios

    I'm looking for Chinese scenarios from the "official" war years that is 39-45. Beside MMP and a few other TPP where could I find a good batch of them? Not for sale, just wondering what publication or company has some....
  18. Futbol

    MMP owner views on race reason to not buy products? I love ASL but if this is the case I could have second thoughts, and this along with their sloooow product releases make me look more into Third parties such as Bounding Fire...
  19. Futbol

    KWASL scenario fodder?

    with the anticipated release of Forgotten War its time to look at potential future scenarios. This article might help...
  20. Futbol

    Char 1 article

    here is a rather good article on the French Char 1 tank.....