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  1. MajorDomo

    Infantry overrun of SMC hanging out with a concealed unit

    Hex contains a foxhole with a concealed 468 in a Graveyard hex. On top of foxhole resides a German 149 hero. Foxhole is engulfed in +2 dispersed smoke all around it. Next to foxhole is an AMI 9-1/667 with wall advantage (among other Ami HS). The adjacent AMI 9-1/468 in smoke, with WA wish to...
  2. MajorDomo

    TCA change penalties

    Above is the situation, Russians moving. The PZIVJ turns its TCA two clicks to the right as Defensive First Fire and fires its coaxial at 4+6 (3 for two click turn, doubled in woods, +1 for hedge, -1 for non-assault moving). In Defensive Final Fire, the PZIVJ fires it MA to hit the T34/85...
  3. MajorDomo

    Minimum move in PTO bamboo

    Evidently, re-learning some PTO rules. A Brit squad attempts to move from a Gully into adjacent bamboo, a minimum move. The Jpn reveal a HIP HS in the bamboo hex and bounce the Brit squad back to the gully hex. Is the Brit squad now both CX and Pinned in the gully hex? Thanks, Rich
  4. MajorDomo

    Followup Commissar question

    Earlier thread consensus was that a concealed Commissar does not lose concealment due to raising the morale of squad in his location, while a 9-1 would lose concealment to increase the morale with his -1 leadership. How about a concealed 9-1 Japanese leader in a location with a squad: A. Can...
  5. MajorDomo

    Commissar question

    A squad in a location with a concealed Commissar suffers a PIN check. The concealed Commissar enables the squad to pass the PTC. Does the Commissar lose concealment for applying his morale benefit. Thanks, Rich
  6. MajorDomo

    Pinned after moving

    Ok, here it is. A leader spends 5 MF, ends movement. In Defensive Final Fire, the leader suffers a wound result and survives. Does he the pin for using more MP than three in his movement phase? Thanks, Rich
  7. MajorDomo

    AFV MA MG intensive fire in Prep

    I have seen a couple of discussions on this. Is there a Perry Sez, Journal errata... on whether an AFV's MG main armament can perform an intensive fire Prep Fire, To Hit on an enemy AFV. Thanks, Rich
  8. MajorDomo

    Routing question

    Vichy French are blue.; It is their movement turn, Rout phase. No Quarter has not been invoked. My take is the French, routing first, cannot stay in Open Ground in normal range of a Brit unit. They cannot rout without taking interdiction, but they cannot surrender to the Brits in EE4 as the are...
  9. MajorDomo

    Cupola firelanes and gun fire question

    A armored cupola places a firelane. Can it turn its "turret" to fire its gun. I know infantry cannot voluntarily cancel a firelane, found nothing regards to cupolas. Thanks, Rich
  10. MajorDomo

    Armored Cupola on Elevated non-paved road

    Can I setup an Armored Cupola on an elevated road? I think the rules allow it, if the elevated road can be considered a open ground. Pillboxes can be in an elevated road even if paved if that matters. 9.52 PLACEMENT: An Armored Cupola can be placed only in brush, grain, woods, orchard...
  11. MajorDomo

    AAR 2019 ASL Open

    The 2019 ASL Open was held at the Holiday Inn on Cumberland avenue near Chicago's O'Hare airport on Thursday, starting at 4pm through Sunday April 14th. The upscale Holiday Inn features luxurious rooms with the most comfortable beds I have slept on in ages. Breakfasts are included, featuring a...
  12. MajorDomo

    Crocodile MP

    I always played a Crocodile had 7 MP and could move seven hexes in open ground. Reading through the ASLRB on trailers gave me pause to consider. Does the armored trailer of the crocodile require an extra MP per hex? IE. Does movement on a road require 1.5 MP? Detaching the trailer yields a...
  13. MajorDomo

    Marmon-Herrington II ME, III ME & III MMF Armoured Cars

    Does this armored Car (H14.48) use truck movement or Armored Car movement? The H chapter calls it an APC, it is wheeled, looks like a truck movement behind the *26 MP on counter. Thanks, Rich
  14. MajorDomo

    pillbox exit into bamboo

    So, I exit a pillbox in Bamboo, CX and pinned? Does answer change if there is a path in Bamboo? Thanks, Rich
  15. MajorDomo

    VASL games increasing

    Played Thursday night, noticed that more people are playing VASL. You go girl! Rich
  16. MajorDomo

    Delay fire onto same hex former Melee

    My opponent's AFV holds my squad in Melee. In his MPh, he announces a one delay MP and Bounding Fire. He claimed that my squad was NOT free from Melee because a delay is not a Start MP, thus my squad could not Gun Duel him because was still held in Melee. It did not seem correct to me, but I...
  17. MajorDomo

    FrF82 Riders on the Storm questions

    The Germans have a PZIIIN, does it have an AAMG? They also have a PSW 243/3, does it have a 4FP CMG? Thanks, Rich
  18. MajorDomo

    Pushing a gun onto an Elevated RR

    What is the cost to push a gun onto an Elevated RR? Seems like four from the M number to me, but seems too easy. Thanks, Rich
  19. MajorDomo

    Thrown DC

    If a unit throws a DC from the second floor of a building, it does not suffer an attack from the thrown DC. Do the ground floor (and first floor) of the thrower's building suffer an attack (and possibly rubble)? Thanks, Rich
  20. MajorDomo

    Bog with remaining MP

    I found two conflicting rules citations on bogging. My rulebook errata updating is sadly lacking. Has this apparent conflict been resolved? D8.5 Assuming an Inherent crew that is not broken/stunned/shocked, a bogged/immobilized vehicle may still expend MP for "non-movement" purposes (e.g...