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  1. Paul M. Weir

    Have so many other tactical systems hurt ASL?

    I always thought of it as Double Blind Whack-A-Mole.
  2. Paul M. Weir

    Trump relieves Iran sanctions in exchange for dirt on Biden

    Biden likely provides his own dirt.
  3. Paul M. Weir

    The British European Referendum

    Martin, there are those on the right (or the left for that matter) here who can produce a half decent argument. The Lesser Finnish Tit 🐦 clearly is not one. Because of my new duties here, I had to purge my ignore list so I could see if things get really out of hand here (a really high bar to...
  4. Paul M. Weir

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    There was also the 12.8 cm FlaK 40, used only in static and rail mountings. About 30-40 of the 26 tonne twin and 1100 of the 17 tonne single versions were produced. Used to arm the Berlin FlaK towers. Definitely NM in ASL terms. In comparison about 4000 of the 10 tonne 10.5 cm FlaK 38/39...
  5. Paul M. Weir

    How will the Croix de Guerre reprint treat the Free French?

    As 40 & 41 are in Yanks, that leaves only 42 & 43 as boards from the original 1-52 that are not in a core module. They are currently only available individually, the Map Bundle and AP4.
  6. Paul M. Weir

    The British European Referendum

    As in another thread, not having heard the Lesser Finnish Tit 🐦 for a while, I was worried, but now his mating call can be heard, it must have been just a mild dose of Avian Flu that quitened him.
  7. Paul M. Weir

    Head of Responsible Innovation for Google

    Ah, yes, the mating call of the Lesser Finnish Tit 🐦 "Gulagwanker ... Gulagwanker ... Gulagwanker ...", I was worried that I hadn't heard it for a few weeks. Of course, blame capitalist companies for communism!
  8. Paul M. Weir

    Madmen Cometh, July 26-28 2019, Singapore

    No, it just eases the pain of your haemorrhoids after sitting for a six hour ASL session.
  9. Paul M. Weir

    How will the Croix de Guerre reprint treat the Free French?

    I wish I could agree with you, but can't. I'm not even thinking about one offs or prototypes like the Maus. Colour schemes I'm not too fussed over, for most cases captured stuff can be dealt with by SSR, convenient to have them: yes, essential: no. Only with HP did MMP include the T-26 m31 &...
  10. Paul M. Weir

    Our country is so gaslighted that an explicit description of a rape by the President doesn't affect our view

    Don't forget Spanky boasted that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and he would not lose any support. Charles Manson must have regretted he did not wait a few years and run for the GoP.
  11. Paul M. Weir

    A heroic leader who suffers a second wound is dead directly or has to pass severity dr?

    A Hero is just that, a Hero. A Heroic Leader is first and foremost a Leader, albeit with Heroic advantages, he does not cease to be a Leader, so if there are rules differences his Leadership takes priority.
  12. Paul M. Weir

    Shoot the messenger

    I'm seeing reports that we have Tucker Carlson to thank for convincing Spanky to not bomb Iran.
  13. Paul M. Weir

    7.5cm IeIG 18 & 76.2mm PP obr. 27 in Chinese use

    I have to agree with jrv's choice of reason. The lower calibre/weight INF guns were intended by their originators to be pushed forward to be on or very close behind the front line when attacking. They were intended to be used very often in a direct fire use. Once an objective was taken and...
  14. Paul M. Weir

    Foundations of the religious right in the USA

    From personal experience, the Jesuits at least try to think rationally.
  15. Paul M. Weir

    Shoot the messenger

    I'm glad he called it off, but it's only Friday.
  16. Paul M. Weir

    Shoot the messenger

    The last few days have left me nearly speechless. Spanky dumped the Iran deal, which Iran had adhered to and put severe economic screws on Iran. The Ayatollahs for once could truthfully blame the Iranian people's troubles on the Great Satan. We had Bolton et alia driving a monster truck down...
  17. Paul M. Weir

    Look How Far We've Come

    says it all.
  18. Paul M. Weir

    Shoot the messenger

    Jeez, it's not like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen haven't been enough of a massive and endless mess.
  19. Paul M. Weir

    Asymetrical warfare

    The Swedes who got well into a firing position on a CAG during exercises. The Swedes and their SSK basically had been hired by the USN for training purposes. A CAG's aircraft can run roughshod against most...
  20. Paul M. Weir

    Asymetrical warfare

    CAGs are the 20/21st century equivalent of the 19th century gunboat. Something to terrorise the restless natives. Even with the superiority of US submarines, a nation with enough half decent submarines is likely to wreck a CAG. The US could get submarine kills of 10 to 1, yet enemy sub 11 or...